GOP, Cruz Shred Pledge, Join Forces Against The People And Trump

Remember back on August 5, 2015, at the beginning of the unbelievably long Republican debate on Fox News that started the whole Donald Trump-Megyn Kelly feud, when the top ten candidates were all standing on that stage and they were asked who would would not go on the record to support the eventual nominee and Donald Trump was the only one who ventured to say he wouldn’t?  Then, do we all remember that the next day or so, the leadership of the Republican National Committee made all of the candidates sign a pledge that said that they would support the future nominee whoever he or she would be?

Yeah, me too.  Of course, that was back when the narrative from the establishment, the mainstream media, and the non blacklisted pundits was that there was no way for Donald Trump to win, just wait for him to get out of the race.

Seven and a half months and over 30 state primaries later, and Trump has vanquished all GOP contenders other than Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Ohio Governor John Kasich.  The Donald has stoked the flames that have been banked among the American people for seven long years (really more like about 25 years given the Bush 41 betrayals), all while piling up delegates for a party convention that was supposed to feature and nominate someone else.  He did what the “experts” said could not be done.  He’s the frontrunner with an open path to get the number of delegates necessary to win the Republican Party nomination using the establishment’s rules against them – so long as they don’t change the rules in the middle of the game.

So, what does the GOP do?  Renege on the pledge they made TRUMP sign when they were sure he would eventually be defeated, and join forces with the other “outsider” left in the race, and the one most people cannot stand, Ted Cruz, to forfeit the presidency in 2016 rather than have the dreaded Manhattanite in the Oval Office.  From Politico:

“People think we’re not going to win in November anymore. All the candidates that had a shot at winning don’t appear to have a shot at winning the nomination. Everyone is resigned to that,” said a high-ranking GOP operative about the thinking among Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio alums as well as Republican party officials and big-money donors.

“People think we lose with Cruz, but we don’t lose everything,” said the operative, who opposes Trump and asked to speak anonymously. “He’s still a real Republican. We don’t lose the House and Senate with Cruz. We don’t lose our soul as a party and we can recover in four years and I’m not sure people think we can recover from Donald Trump.”

As a country club, the billionaires might be able to recover, but not as a party if they sell out the American people.  Again.  The people have had enough.  After this election “independent” is going to take on a whole new meaning.

The truth of the matter, despite all the polls out currently that are muddying the waters for the audiences on who is really in the lead, is that inside the Republican Party, the operatives and “experts” know that there is no way Ted Cruz is ever going to win a general election.  (They are deluding themselves on some of the others.  The only one who had a chance was Marco Rubio, and he wasn’t ready.)

It says something about them if they are willing to forgo having a president rather than repeal ObamaCare, straighten out the socially engineered military, make the tax code more favorable to American business, build a wall on the southern border, clean house at the Veterans Administration and on and on.  Plain and simply surrendering the White House to Hillary Clinton is going to assure that none of those goals will be achieved.  (And God only knows where the server from a term as president would end up.)

“Donald Trump is a centrist,” said Ron Kaufman, a close ally of Mitt Romney and Bush who lives in Massachusetts. “You may not like him, but policy-wise he’s a centrist. He’s between Cruz and Kasich. If Donald Trump is the nominee, he’ll be far more centrist in language than he has been.”

Maybe so, but ideology doesn’t win elections.  Action does.  Social issues, as important as they may be, do not win elections.  Economic sanity, and talk of jobs does.  Going to war does not win elections.  Walking softly and carrying a big stick does.  That is where Ronald Reagan succeeded and that is where Trump is also succeeding.

And that is what the Republican establishment does not get about the people out on the fruited plain.  Security and having a job are more important to the people than free trade.  More or less, we live in different realities.  Trump gets that.  That is why his message resonates even as he has a pile of what is considered baggage to most conservatives.

And that is why reneging on a pledge made very publicly is not just betraying Trump and the people, but selling us out and whizzing on the fire, too.

The unifying factor among the establishment Republicans now begrudgingly coalescing behind Cruz is a deep, visceral revulsion to Trump: to his divisive demagoguery that is so unmoored from traditional conservative ideology and, many believe, the party’s and country’s bedrock values. It has little to do with Cruz, who has simply done better than anyone else in the first two months of the nomination process.

“He’s earned the right to be the alternative to Trump. So he has a better chance to build a coalition to stop Trump in Cleveland,” said Bruce Haynes, a GOP operative in Washington.

Umm, bankrupting the middle class is not a bedrock American value.

Thanks to the very public machinations of a lot of people in the last two weeks, the plan to subvert the will of the people is now common knowledge.  For the most part, We the People prefer to use the vote as a weapon.  It is time for the establishment, self proclaimed and all, to be very afraid.

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