Globalist Gingrich Attacks “Little Trump” As Real Newt Crawls Out From Rocks

Globalist Gingrich Attacks “Little Trump” As Real Newt Crawls Out From Rocks

Many Americans watched the globalist Newt Gingrich as he supported Donald Trump throughout the primary, almost in disbelief, expecting there had to be more to this than met the eye. We suspected an eventual attempt at co-opting the movement was in the cards, which would have been successful had Gingrich been able to maneuver himself into the Vice-Presidency.

Trump was too smart for that, opting instead to go with Governor Mike Pence, someone like himself, who was more free of the DC contamination and who came without strings attached. We waited for the other shoe to drop, for the establishment insider Gingrich to reveal himself and what he was really up to. That other shoe fell on Thursday morning on Fox Business News. It came from the direction of Gingrich’s mouth.


Gingrich took it personally when Trump called out the traitor Paul Ryan, his fellow world government devotee, for his disloyalty and attempted sabotage of his campaign. He didn’t cover for the duplicitous Mr. Ryan who is believed to have played a role in the release of the Billy Bush Bus Ambush video and who certainly was no friend to the candidate. Ryan, in league with Senators Mike Lee, John McCain, Jeff Flake and other of the political bordello class, attempted unsuccessfully to destroy Mr. Trump’s campaign and they are still doing so in spite of their being exposed.

Gingrich seems to have taken the mission of diverting attention away from the traitors, of telling the American public, including those that might decide not to vote for Paul Ryan and his fellow snakes in the grass, that there’s no point to the public knowing what they’re made of. The fact that they are turncoats who attempted a coup with a month left before the election, on the eve of the second debate in a move that would have destroyed a lesser candidate is not something Gingrich believes should be addressed.

Gingrich is showing his own stripes and where his loyalties really lie. He created a sound bite and media quote of “little Trump is frankly pathetic.” Gingrich is a seasoned political professional and who knew exactly what he was saying and the tool he was handing the anti-Trump establishment, both GOP and Democrats. There was no justification for wording his comments in that manner yet he chose to publicly align himself with Ryan and the globalists against Mr. Trump and the American people.

He did so while pretending to be offering Trump advice. Those were not words intended to help, they were live rounds meant to injure. Of course Trump is not mad over not receiving a phone call from Ryan, he’s mad about being attacked and the phone comments were merely that, comments. Gingrich understands, but he’s able to attack Trump by playing dumb, so he does.

He goes on to say, “Donald Trump has one opponent, her name is Hillary Clinton.” That is a falsehood. He has many opponents, they include the media, Ryan and the NWO boys, George Soros and his front groups, Islamic terrorism facilitators, foreigners in the country voting, Democrats corrupting the system, complicit judges ruling in favor of corruption and many more. To claim that there is a list of individuals or topics that he cannot mention regardless of the magnitude of their offenses is nonsense aimed at protecting his fellow globalists, who will strike again. Ryan is not through, none of them are, and Gingrich is not.

There were other ways he could have made his point if that had been what he was after. It wasn’t. The establishment tentacles are securely attached to Gingrich. The man on the inside, the “Little Newt,” has been exposed for what he is. There are a lot of reptiles in that town.

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