Global Social Media And MSM Forming Communications Cartel To Strictly Control Internet Speech


This article was posted originally under the title of “Internet Censorship Plot – MSM, Facebook, Twitter, Google – Form Content Control Group, End Free Speech.” It lasted about five minutes on Facebook before they made my point for me once again and took it down.” Shares have been suppressed completely on subsequent posts. This is REAL folks, we have to get the word out, it’s happening now. Share by email to the direct link at RickWells.US if need be as once Facebook discovers it’s been republished they’ll surely censor us again.

The end of our freedom of speech, particularly on the Internet is coming together at breakneck speed, with dictatorial outrage building upon outrage.

For about the last year or so, Facebook and Twitter have been engaged in online censorship of content. Basically anything that opposes the globalist agenda is at risk of being choked out of circulation, pulled down from groups, taken down from pages and their authors sanctioned. The penalties for expressing opposing views can be severe, including having your account completely cancelled. In Europe there can be lengthy jail sentences and fines.

Recently Obama announced he’s handing our internet over to the enemies of American self-rule and our survival as a free nation, his globalist comrades under the UN. He has no authorization from Congress to be giving away what belongs to the American people. He’s just like a shoplifter filling his pockets as he heads out the door, throwing a big bone to his co-conspirators while he still can.

Now the next shoe to drop has been announced by the same corporate information controllers that have been targeting free speech, both here and particularly aggressively in Europe, Facebook and Twitter. These two monopolies on information sharing that are already in violation of anti-trust laws and should be broken up, are now further consolidating their strangle hold on our ability to communicate our views freely among one another.

They announced on Tuesday they were forming a partnership with news organizations, including Agence France-Presse to “create a coalition of media and technology groups seeking to filter out online misinformation and improve news quality on social networks.” Someone will be determining what is acceptable according to their subjective standards, to an even greater degree than is already being done  in a semi-covert manner. It is the definition of censorship.

Those seeking to eliminate our right to speech and freedom of assembly through membership in this coalition are: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, The New York Times,  Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, CNN, ABC News of Australia, ProPublica, AFP, The Telegraph, France Info, Breaking News, Le Monde’s Les Decodeurs, International Business Times UK, Eurovision News Exchange and Al Jazeera Media Network.

And they added a few other communists to their ranks just for the sake of “diversity and inclusion,” including Amnesty International, European Journalism Centre, American Press Institute, International Fact Checking Network and Duke Reporters’ Lab.”

Who and what gives them the right? Their global ambitions. From an American perspective, our freedom of speech and our freedom of assembly are being impacted. In Europe they already have their freedoms compromised to a greater degree but it still is significant. Hate speech laws will likely be the justification for more draconian censorship as they have been already throughout Europe. In Germany Angela Merkel has allied herself with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to actively target those speaking out against her destructive, suicidal open border policies.

They are simply making the move to eliminate our ability to speak out and thereby provide themselves with cover for their treasonous attacks. Breitbart News reported, “First Draft News, which is backed by Google, announced Tuesday that some 20 news organizations will be part of its partner network to share information on best practices for journalism in the online age.”

These will not be the benign “best practices” that they claim they are. They will be what conservative patriots are already faced with on a daily basis, censorship standards that, if not met, will result in content being disallowed. If patriotic speech is not allowed, those views will disappear from the dialogue and the result will be a population that increasingly shares the globalist outlook.

The reason for the creation of the internet in the first place may have been to manufacture an environment for global communication that is heavily relied upon and which can be easily manipulated and controlled. The push is on to bring Africa online with Zuckerberg, Google and others. The objective now clearly seems to be worldwide participation in a global system that is rooted in the world socialism perspective.

Jenni Sargent, managing director of First Draft, said “Filtering out false information can be hard. Even if news organizations only share fact-checked and verified stories, everyone is a publisher and a potential source.” Here’s three questions for you, Ms. Sargent. What gives you the right to decide which ideas people are allowed to be exposed to, do we also have the option of shutting down your blog or your alliance? If not, why not?

She said, “We are not going to solve these problems overnight, but we’re certainly not going to solve them as individual organizations.” But as a global monopoly, they can’t help but succeed.

The Internet Nazi said the coalition will develop training programs and “a collaborative verification platform,” as well as a voluntary code of practice for online news. It will be voluntary to the extent that people will choose to comply if they want access to an audience.

Training and collaboration by a big brother entity are not necessary and are counterproductive. If someone is putting out bad product, the marketplace will take care of it. But the objective isn’t improvement, it’s about uniformity, compliance, power and control.

As if the mainstream media is an indicator of success and what is desirable in truth in reporting, Sargent said, “We live in a time when trust and truth are issues that all newsrooms, and increasingly the social platforms themselves, are facing.” Again, who the Hell does she think she is?

“Each partner is committed to sharing knowledge, developing policies and devising training in how journalists use the social web to find and report news.” All of those “goals” are pointless without a system of enforcement and mandated compliance, which is where this is headed.

It was not something that could have been accomplished while the Internet was under American control. Now that the UN criminals are taking over, our protections afforded under the Constitution are vanishing right before our eyes. Our rights to free speech and assembly will no longer exist.

It would be a horrific enough development regardless of who is determining what content is acceptable but a look at the coalition is undeniable proof that it is a conglomeration of leftist global government control freaks. The leftest of the left are seeking to stifle speech that exposes their opposition to our freedoms. This has to be stopped.

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