Girls, Time For A Cease Fire In The War On Women

Okay, girls – and by that I mean women who have reached the age of understanding Shakespeare – enough with the War on Women crap.  It’s over.  The people who pushed the meme and got a lot of us to parrot the line and attack each other have won.  We’ve been pitted woman vs. woman just as has been happening for thousands of years.  Want proof of that?  Look no farther than the entire Heidi Cruz vs. Melania Trump scenario, and no, this has nothing to do with which one is better looking, and which one’s husband has been faithful or not.

As with just about every article out there sympathetic to Heidi Cruz, Kathleen Parker writes this morning of just how accomplished the woman is.  Yes, Mrs. Cruz has three business degrees.  She has worked inside government in foreign policy and with other issues.  She met her husband while working on George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential bid, and they were married less than a year later.  She is a high powered executive on leave from her job at Goldman Sachs in Houston, where she stayed while her husband ran off to the Senate after she liquidated all of her assets to finance his run, according to reports.  At this time, Heidi is on the campaign trail having left her daughters to the care of their nannies.

In contrast, the current Mrs. Trump grew up in communist Yugoslavia.  We know that part of Tito’s stronghold as Slovenia now.  Mrs. Trump has a college degree in architecture, and speaks multiple languages fluently (neither of these is as easy as it sounds).  She escaped the eastern bloc by using what God gave her and modeling through Milan fashion houses.  She met The Donald at one of the only parties she attended while modeling in New York.  He asked for her phone number, and she refused to give it to him since he had come to the party with someone else and was not yet single from his marriage to Marla Maples.  They dated for years before marrying.  The now famous bearskin rug photos were a private photo shoot.  Mrs. Trump’s son, Barron, is the center of her life.  He slept in a crib in his parents’ room as an infant, and she is staying off the campaign trail to be with him.  (As a classical musician, the fluency in multiple languages is most impressive.  Honestly.)

And yet, because Mrs. Trump is a beautiful woman who married an amazingly wealthy man, and she does not work outside her home, her motivations are suspect as we are told they should be.  Do the women out there understand just how catty this makes us all look?

And then there is the matter of Mr. Trump talking about females in a less than flattering light which is presented as a battle in the war.  (When one of the creatures criticized for just about any reason is Rosie O’Donnell, he really should get a pass.)  Specifically discussed on a regular basis and used as a reason why women should despise the man are some disparaging comments about Rosie, Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina, and that women should be angry with The Donald for talking about them more critically than their grandmothers would.  This writer will not publish her real thoughts about Megyn Kelly.  They aren’t, shall we say, nice.  Carly Fiorina, on the other hand, looks aside, is a name dropper and did not explain her thoughts well aside from the depth of her Rolodex.  Her actual record in private business is suspect.  The one thing Carly has going for her is polish, and that can hide a multitude of deficiencies if one chooses to look beyond it.  If one is not talking about the female parts themselves, why should anyone be called a misogynist for speaking their mind about another human?

And what no one is discussing is the reality that many of the women mentioned here are trying to make it in what is traditionally a man’s world and expecting a different set of rules to apply to them when it comes to criticism.  They also expect deference because of the body parts, and that women will rally behind them in solidarity, hence the War on Women meme.

Well, girls, sorry, but that meme has done nothing other than further the notion that being female is optional despite the wardrobe.  It has made the human condition of being a woman a matter of combative competition where the winners of a genetic lottery – the most beautiful – are the most despised, and accomplishment means having worked in an office or holding certain pieces of paper that say a person has spent a lot of time in a classroom.  The natural place of womanhood – wife and mother – has been usurped for business success.  It is actually a fruit of feminism, but the War on Women claims that business success is the primal desire.

Do the women of not just the United States, but a lot of other countries, understand how we’ve been played?  That a “War on Women” is not being fought by men who don’t like us, but by us ourselves?  That what has been sacrificed on the altar of success is the reality of being cherished by men?

That in rallying behind women who are rightfully eligible for criticism to fight against it, we are falling for divide and conquer strategy?

Anyone who is still reading at this point may not agree, but that is the reality with the “War on Women.”  Over the years, women have been trained to not be satisfied with their lives and reach for something different in a man’s world regardless of whether or not we are cut out for it.  THAT is the war on women, and the unfortunate thing is that after decades of messaging that says otherwise, convincing the girls to buy into a cease fire and reassess what the War on Woman has done to us is going to be an uphill climb.

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