Gingrich On Trump In Wisconsin, Missteps And Bright Picture Going Into New York


The media types are always on a hair trigger, ready to pounce on anything that Donald Trump does or says that they think might possibly be damaging. In pursuit of their mission to take Trump out of the race, they’ve gone into a minor frenzy over his refusal to take the use of nuclear weapons in the Middle East or Europe off of the table.

Anyone who’s been paying any attention to this campaign, and that would include, at least in theory, the media, knows that Trump wrote The Art of the Deal. He’s criticized Obama for declaring a date for leaving Iraq and has stated it is his belief that one doesn’t weaken his position unnecessarily by taking any options off the table. He also doesn’t believe in tipping his hand or his inclinations in advance. To answer in the affirmative or with a qualifier would have been a mistake. Clearly, whatever answer he gave would have brought out the critics, but there’ nothing to criticize, as Newt Gingrich points out.

They’re also making the most out of some ill-advised comments about abortion, once again labeling him as being anti-woman. Of course he’s been a pioneer in promoting women into traditionally male positions within his company, but the truth doesn’t matter. The claims will be made and people will believe them but it doesn’t help for him to give them ammunition.

Gingrich first points out that the position Trump took on nuclear weapons “was exactly right,” reciting a long list of presidents who shared that very same position, including Ronald Reagan. He says, “You can’t be in a world where there a five thousand Russian nuclear weapons, a world where the Iranians are trying to get a nuclear weapon and then say, ‘Oh, I will never ever use them.’” He labeled the Trump response as sophisticated.

He then moves on to the other part of the uproar, saying, “Man, if you’re a conservative and you sit down with Chris Matthews you need to have your head examined. They note how he walked into a buzz saw, that it was a setup, that the super PAC ad is a lie, but he made the mistake. Gingrich says, “It’s like an error in baseball, I mean it was his error, now he’s got to go back and clean it up.

Gingrich reminds the audience that in spite of all of his brilliance, we must remember that Trump is still a rookie at politics and he’s going to make some mistakes. He expects Trump to do well after Wisconsin, and that this may be a wakeup call of sorts. He recalls when this same time of thing happened to Ronald Reagan, with him able to recover fully and go on to victory over Carter by gaining 36 percentage points in a matter of eight months.

He recommends that Trump make a two or three speeches during the period between the Wisconsin and New York primaries where he details his plan on significant issues, starting with the Supreme Court and even possibly naming a list of potential nominations, in order to right the ship and continue on to 1,237.

He points out the folly of the never Trump crowd handing the election to Hillary Clinton, including her being “more pro-Union boss than Obama, which means “you’re not going to get any reform of schools, you’re going to continue to let children be ruined by the teachers union, such as in Chicago where they went out on strike.” He says “Secondly, she’s going to bring the corruption that we’ve already seen with the Clinton Foundation, this will be the most corrupt White House in American history. Third, she’s already proven she’s totally irresponsible on national security. And fourth, she’s going to continue Obama’s policies in the Middle East, which are a disaster. So add that to the Supreme Court and you have to look these conservatives in the eye and say, ‘You’re really prepared to do that to America because you don’t like Donald Trump?’” He adds, “It strikes me that in the end, a few of them because they’re really stubborn will go off and form a suicide club, but everybody else in the end is going to say, ‘No, I’m going to help beat Hillary Clinton because I just can’t stand the idea.’”

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