GERMANY LOST: Arab Gangs In Berlin Adopt Migrants

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Now that Angela Merkel and company have let hundreds of thousands of “migrants” into Germany and have stashed them at what amounts to internment camps, the underbelly of Berlin is coming out of the shadows to recruit the “young and physically strong men” from among the masses.  It seems that since the 1970s, crime in Berlin has been controlled by a handful of Lebanese families, and they are hiring the migrants to do their dirty work.

In a report from Die Welt that describes how this particular set of circumstances has come together, a source emerged who lays the blame right at the feet of the German Chancellor.  From Breitbart London:

The report speaks of the ‘amazing’ sight of luxury sedans cruising up to refugee, asylum centre, and migrant lodgings filled with “people who have lost everything.”

Investigators reported that the criminal gangs have “exploited the situation” of the migrant crisis, in which German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies saw well over a million migrants from the third world world settle in Europe last year.

The source explained that “young and physically strong men” are targeted by the gangs and then used for “dirty work” like burglaries, drug trafficking, and fights with criminal competitors. Child refugees are also welcomed as their faces are unknown to the police.

Despite the prospect of arrest, or even going to prison, many of the new arrivals are willing to take the risk as it is unlikely they will be deported.

But, since their assumed religion teaches that it is acceptable to take from those who are not members of that faith, joining the local crime syndicate is no big deal.  Part of the issue in Berlin, anyway, is that the criminal underworld is controlled by immigrants, and they have no qualms in exploiting the situation.

Germany’s problems with its immigrant population are nothing new. According to authorities in Berlin the majority of the city’s organised crime is controlled by seven to nine extended families who came in the late 1970s from Lebanon.

Dirk Jacob, the director of the State Criminal Police Office (LKA), describes how the clans specialise in property crime and drug trafficking. They show their power in the city wiith highly visible stunts such as the “daring daylight heist” which saw a masked gang armed with assault rifles, machetes and hand grenades steal the jackpot from a poker tournament at the Hyatt Hotel, and “spectacular heists” at Berlin’s iconic Kaufhaus des Westens luxury department store.

The report says that the crime families are very hard to penetrate for law enforcement – a situation not unlike a number of crime enterprises in the United States and other countries.  The families stick together and are suspicious of outsiders.  In addition, the crime families of Berlin are known to bribe witnesses, so getting any information after a hit, or a strike against one of the other families is next to impossible.  Just like everywhere else, the gangs control prostitution, and drugs, and are ripping the landscape of a western city to shreds.

Freedom Outpost reports that Germany is lost.  With crime paying for the immigrants and migrants, it just might be.

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