Multiculturalism at its finest is pervasive in Germany.  For proof of this, one needs to look no farther than Green politician Volker Beck, called a homosexual meth head pedophiliac by  The man actually used the United States and some of our colonial like barrios and neighborhoods as an example of why Germans should just give up their nationalism and learn Arabic.

The Green politician Volker Beck advises more relaxing when predominant language of immigrants in a district. Emergency Germans living there would have to learn this language, he says in an interview with n-tv presenter Constantin Schreiber.

Constantin Schreiber: How can create one for immigrant integration approaches when is now widely spoken in some districts no German?

Volker Beck: Other countries deal with it more relaxed that in some neighborhoods times another language is spoken by a migration Community. In the US, visit their Chinatown as you can find the areas where the Mexicans live, or depending on which community is just strong in the city. (…) There’s a bit of discomfort, because you feel you do not get what with. But if one is really important to learn this language. (…) At the point where there are problems with Islamism and violence, you must be pure with social workers, who then have the intercultural skills.

One can not generalize, but there is a hostility to Muslims in this society that grows from this generalization. Against that we have to reach out, as against Islamist tendencies in Islam. We must not look the other way at two things and we can not allow generalizations, because the always provide the democratic foundation of our society into question. (…) “The vast majority of even the Islamists in Germany is non-violent. In Islam there is problematic statements by some, but the Muslims in Germany have thus in the very large majority to do nothing. These are peace-loving people who believe in Allah, occasionally praying times, which sometimes go to the mosque and otherwise can be a good man’s neighbors. (source, source)

Not to compare muslim invaders to Chinese immigrants whose descendants still live in dedicated areas, but, um, the Chinese, Mexicans, Germans, Poles, Albanians, etc., who came to this country legally and illegally did not demand the larger culture change to accommodate them.  They adjusted to the larger culture, albeit in their own neighborhoods, and maintaining a lot of their own traditions that do not disturb the law and order of the country.  (Actually, a lot of the traditions add to the fabric of the country and are fun to experience.) Yes, Chinatowns are a little different, as are the Italian neighborhoods, and the barrios, but they aren’t really uncomfortable places to be.

Unlike muslim neighborhoods, there isn’t a better than average chance of being raped.

In essence, telling Germans to quit complaining and learn Arabic is surrender to the invasion.  The problem is that the people didn’t want to be invaded.  Now the globalists are telling the people of the country to give up all that they are and have to keep the peace with invaders who want to kill them?

Definitely NOT like Chinatown in the United States.


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