George W. Bush’s Inappropriate Behavior


How long has it been since the United States had a president, either real or pretend, that wasn’t out to destroy us, a source of humiliation, or both? The Dallas memorial service for the slain police officers was a solemn occasion, one deserving of the respect due to five public servants gunned down in the line of duty.

It wasn’t enough of an insult that Hussein Obama used the event as a platform for his gun confiscation and disarmament agenda. George W. Bush had to remind us of what it was like back before the threat to America became overt.

In a performance that looked as if he’d had second thoughts about his sobriety and found his way back into one or two of those Texas honky tonks or had a flask tucked inside his boot, George W. Bush turned a presidential line intended as a show of respect into a Texas line dance of embarrassment.

As the Battle Hymn of the Republic was played Bush was overcome with happy feet, swinging his arms and rocking left and right, doing the Bush boogie. There’s plenty not to like about his family and every time one of them makes an appearance they seem to reveal something else. Globalist elitism, regardless of whether it is administered by an arrogant black supremacy Islamist or a reckless good old boy redneck, is an ugly, disgusting thing. As George Bush fans wake up to the damage he and his father inflicted upon our nation and our sovereignty, little displays like this increasingly lose their cuteness.

His antics were obviously an embarrassment to his wife Laura and even seemingly to the Obamas on his left. They’re more accustomed to making embarrassing spectacles of themselves so the fact that they seem uncomfortable says a lot.

For a nation starved for leadership that doesn’t make us want to hide our faces in shame, January is a long way away but more of this “in your face”  establishment status quo is out of the question. Every passing day brings more reasons to vote for Donald Trump.

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