George Soros Forms Pro “Illegals” Super PAC To Shift Election


Soros Dumping Millions Into Questionable Voter Influence Campaign – Illegals?

Billionaire anti-American financier and globalist agitator George Soros has joined with some of his well-heeled fellow leftists to target Donald Trump and other select Republicans in the fall. Their tools in the onslaught are what the New York Times describes as “Latinos and other immigrants.” None of these media types make any distinction between a legal citizen who was at one point an immigrant to the United States and later naturalized and entitled to vote, a green card holder who is legal but cannot vote, and one who is in the country illegally.

Naturalized citizens will likely not be the fertile soil of discontent that Soros and his comrades are planning to cultivate. They would have a respect and appreciation for the United States and their accomplishment of attaining US citizenship, providing no avenue of exploitation for the Marxists. Those who are here illegally, who plan to take advantage of the mechanisms for abuse that the Democrats have installed into our electoral process, are not so encumbered. Although they are not entitled to vote legally, they aren’t legally allowed to be in the United States either. That doesn’t seem to matter much. All they need to be told is that their illegal vote will enhance their prospects for remaining in the country or told an inflammatory story and the motivation is there. They need only be given the access that has been being manufactured over the years.

Soros’ contribution to the PAC will be $5 million, according to the New York Times, with his comrades coughing up the other $10 million. In asserting his supposed reason for embarking on this project, which will fund existing organizations rather than creating new ones, Soros distorted the language used by Donald Trump. Soros complained about the tone of the race, saying, “The intense anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric that has been fueled by the Republican primary is deeply offensive. It is harmful to our democracy and to our national interests.”

What is harmful to our “Republic” is Soros’s dishonesty and his Marxist agitation. His so-called immigrants have no right to be in this country illegally and America’s Muslim concerns are directly related to the mass murder that often follows wherever they go as well as their inflated numbers and unwillingness to assimilate. He claims our actions are offensive but it is his intrusion into our American internal affairs which is truly offensive. He’s got an unexplained affinity with the Muslims who are invading the Western world, and responsibility for much of what is taking place. His involvement with the overrunning of European nations by hordes of invading Islamists is evidence of the disingenuous nature of his comments. He has no concern for the wellbeing of either those European nations or of ours.

Just as Soros was involved with the EU and the UN in the destruction of Europe, the same intent may well be at play in the area of voter fraud. Three states have been chosen as primary targets for potential manipulation, Florida, Nevada and Colorado. All have burgeoning Latino and illegal alien populations that are ripe for exploitation. The claims of Soros and his minions are that they will be targeting upwards of 400,000 citizen voters for outrage motivation. That may or may not be the case. They’re not known for either playing by the rules or telling the truth.

The leftists will be coordinating their effort through a new “super PAC” called Immigrant Voters Win PAC. They describe their objective as not only turning out committed Latinos already voting Democrat but also to find and persuade “immigrant swing voters.” Those immigrants aren’t citizens; they’re not legal votes.

Every citizen should be concerned over the integrity of our system and what may be a deliberate effort to capitalize upon motor voter and the other tools of fraud which the Democrats have put in place. Millions of dollars can finance a lot of abuse which can be disguised as innocent get out the vote efforts.

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