General Robert B. Neller Tells Marines It Is Time To Do This!

General Robert B. Neller

General Robert B. Neller Tells Marines It Is Time To Do This!

There was a time when training to be a Marine did not include modern technology. That is what Gen. Robert B. Neller is trying to reiterate to new Marines. The technology available today may be a great advancement when trying to talk to someone half way across the country to keep in touch, or just traveling and using google maps. But when at war and trying to keep your position as low key as possible that text message to your significant other really can wait!

Gen. Robert B. Neller, commandant of the Marines Corps, said today’s Marines have gotten a little too comfortable with modern conveniences in a way that could prove disastrous on the battlefield. US Marines need to put away their cell phones, forget about their fancy coffees and get back to doing what Marines used to do — dig a foxhole, cover up, stay quiet and be wary.




“I know that sounds silly, but it’s not silly,” Neller said at the conference. “So, okay, Marines: We’re going to go to the field for 30 days; everybody leave your phone in the car and tell your significant other or your mom, your aunt, your uncle, that you’re not going to get 75 texts each day and answer them.”

The Navy is going as far as having it’s sailors re-learn navigating by stars to reduce its dependency on modern technology, making them harder to trace.

These Marines will have to learn a new way of life with this General. There will be no more chow hall, green bean coffee. They will be learning to live off the land he said.

Marine Foxhole

“You’re living out of your pack, you’re going to stop at night, you’re going to dig a hole, you’re going to camouflage, you’re going to turn off all your stuff, and you’re going to sit there, and you try to sleep,” he said. “And you’ve got to be careful to not make any noise, and you’re going to try to have absolutely no signature. Because if you can be seen, you will be attacked. That’s the difference, and that’s where we’ve got to get.”




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