Gen Flynn Doesn’t Say That In So Many Words, But…


Something doesn’t smell right with General John Allen’s suddenly embracing the spotlight at the DNC, as a featured speaker in support of Hillary Clinton. Megyn Kelly calls him reluctant to engage in politics but he’s already been intimately involved with the Obama Clinton regime as Commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. He’s capitalizing on that less than stellar experience for a reason; more of the same.

General Michael Flynn is at a loss of words to explain what happened to General Allen. Megyn Kelly delivered a robust endorsement of Allen as, “firing up this crowd,” over Hillary Clinton. She described him as not being a political guy, but “Man, he believes in her.” We can concur that he’s putting on the hard sell, believing in what he’s doing in support of Clinton is a bit of a reach.

General Flynn agrees with Allen on one point, that we do have the greatest military in the world, he adds the caveat that they are not as ready as they need to be. Beyond that Flynn is puzzled, saying, “I cannot see how John Allen can support somebody who perpetually cannot tell the truth and was actually described by the director of the FBI as not being able to tell the truth. So I honestly don’t know how John Allen can look himself in the mirror and say why he supports Hillary Clinton.”

Megyn Kelly seems to be defending Allen, interrupting General Flynn, saying, “He says he’s worked with her so he has personal experience” and tries to move the conversation on. Flynn struggles but is able to get a word in edgewise, saying, I mean, we all have.”

She shifts the topic to the Trump calls for torture and targeting of terrorist family members, quoting Allen as saying that Trump “Would put us on the edge of a civil military crisis.” General Flynn incorrectly says that Donald Trump hasn’t said any of that, although he did back off to a degree during the primaries. Flynn redirects to the real problem, not one created as cover for a political maneuver. He said, “A civil military crisis is somebody who disclosed an unbelievable amount of national [security secrets],” but is again cut off by Kelly before he could complete the sentence.

Flynn becomes a little less reserved in identifying just who General Allen is to the viewers. He says, “Megyn, General Allen, as a retired officer, was in charge of our current strategy for well over a year, maybe closer to two years, and during that period of time the rise of radical Islamism and ISIS exponentially grew.”

He continues, “And back to your comment about director Comey. Director Comey must have forgotten that we got attacked in Orlando. He must have forgotten that we got attacked in San Bernardino. I saw his comments today, earlier, and I was like stunned that he just talked about ‘if we continue to pressure them there they’re just going to come over here.’ Well John Allen just said the same thing. So we’re going to keep the strategy that we have so these guys will be pressured to come over here?”

Flynn determined, “So there’s something wrong with that picture and frankly I honestly don’t know how General Allen can look himself in the mirror and say that he supports an individual who placed our national security at high risk.” He adds that he’s really a bit stunned, saying, “John Allen as an American he can support whoever he wants, whatever his conscience decides but I’m telling you,” shaking his head and reminding the viewers that Allen was in charge of the strategy after he came out of uniform and that strategy failed.

Kelly continues with what increasingly appears to be another of her infamous anti-Trump segments, defending Allen and saying, “Well and then he reportedly left, he wouldn’t say it explicitly but he reportedly left because he didn’t agree with the Commander-in-Chief and how it was being implemented.” Again General Flynn is forced to elbow his comments into her narrative as he says, “Yeah but then he went right back to work for him.” What’s wrong with Allen that he isn’t a man of sufficient character to stand up and take a position when there is a problem of sufficient magnitude that it forced him to leave military service yet it’s not sufficient to keep him from going right back. That is the kind of action that should at a minimum warrant an explanation.

She then quotes anonymous military sources as saying that Trump’s proposed Muslim ban has already endangered our troops abroad. Flynn responds, “That’s incorrect,” as she continues to propagandize. He holds his own and is allowed time to speak, reiterating his concerns and expressing his frustration.

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