GASLIGHTING And SCORCHED EARTH: What You Need To Know About What The Media Is Up To

Gaslighting makes one mad

In the past couple of weeks, a political term that has a specific meaning has been thrown around a lot in the alternative media by both the writers and those commenting.  “Gaslighting” has come up over and over, because that is what the mainstream media is doing with all the poll numbers that do not reflect the reality of the campaign trail.  How is it possible, asks the honest and trusting Trump supporter, that Hillary Clinton could be up in the polls when she can’t even fill a hotel ballroom?

The answer is gaslighting.

The term itself comes from a classic 1938 play that was turned into a phenomenal film in 1944 staring Ingrid Bergman as the woman who is gaslighted.  “Gaslight” refers to the lamps in the house of a husband and wife.  In the evening, the husband would go into the attic to look for a treasure that was supposed to be buried there.  When he turned up the lights in the attic, the lights in the main living space would dim.  When the wife asks her husband about this, he tells her its all in her imagination, thus making her think she is going mad over time.  This form of mental abuse – making people doubt what they are seeing is true, and what they know to be true – became known as “gaslighting.”


Gaslighting, then, is more or less psy-ops, a battle for the mind, or to train the mind to see something that isn’t there and plant the seeds of doubt.  With all of the non-reporting and half reporting, the gaslighting by the mainstream media in the United States has gone what is known as “scorched earth,” a military term.  (Think what Sherman did to the south in his march to the sea. That was scorched earth.)

scorched earth def

The mainstream media is doing a full court press, if sports is your thing, or, in organist speak, pulling out all the stops.  They are debunking that which is legitimate, reporting in such a way to make the people who are still paying attention to them think that Donald Trump has no support among the people of the United States.

Nothing can be further from the truth, and the sooner the people realize the mainstream media is taking their battle plans from a Civil War general and a classic psychological thriller, and quits paying attention, the better off we will be.

Found on by Bruno Strozek

Ladies & Gentlemen behold: a fully operational, fully nuke-lear, fully unapologetic or even capable of shame MSM/Uni-Party Élite Death Star.

And it’s headed straight for you for the next three weeks.

A Media Message Disbursement Terminator more ruthless, remorseless and completely unlike anything ever previous imagined, much less ever deployed.

So great is The Fear amongst The Powers That Be that absolutely nothing can or will be left to chance.

The Earth of Any Future MSM Credibility Shall Be Scorched, the Information & Reporting fields shall be salted.

So poisoned will be the Media Landscape that No Truth will grow for generations.

Believe nothing: no news, no polls, no editorials, no think pieces, no Learned Analysis.

It is all calculated to dispirit, to confuse, to sow the seeds of doubt.

Ignore them.  Mock them. Laugh in their faces.

(If so moved, piss on their leg an tell them it’s raining.)

They lie.

They deceive.

Trust yourself and ability to discern.

We shall prevail.

And therein lies THEIR fear…


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