French President Censored, Record Erased For Using “I” Word


Even if your country has been a frequent target of Islamic terrorists and the supposed leader of the United States has repeatedly stated that our nation stands “shoulder to shoulder” with the French people in the fight against those responsible, the truth isn’t allowed to be spoken in the White House. Generally a prohibition on speaking the truth is not a problem, as our politicians have an unnatural aversion to its use. It can create problems for foreigners not familiar with our customs of politicians lying to their “subjects.”

Francois Hollande, President of France, may not have realized that he had been transported into the modern day equivalent of the Twilight Zone, when he described Islamic terrorism as what it is. Obama staffers were quick to take corrective measures to make certain that no sensitive terrorist ears, including the overly large ones on the side specimens on each side of his host’s head, were injured or offended by the truth.

Suddenly a fifteen second segment of the audio was deleted from the permanent record of the meeting. In typical regime manner, staffers attributed to incredibly well-placed outage to technical issues. Technically, it’s their job to censor speech, that’s the issue.

In the unedited version, the translator for President Hollande of France can clearly be heard using the correct terminology, describing the roots of “Islamist Terrorism.” In the edited version the translator’s voice was “cleansed out.”

What they did is obvious and the fact that they are lying to cover it is also obvious. It doesn’t matter anymore. We all know Obama is a pathological liar and that Congress will do nothing to stop him. He’s got a free ride for another ten months. That will likely be the most dangerous portion of the last seven years, when time is on his side.

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