Fox News Bimbo Forgets Where She Is Working and ATTACKS Trump!

Fox News Bimbo

Fox News Bimbo Forgets Where She Is Working and ATTACKS Trump!

Is this Fox News or MSNBC? The anchor is one of those newer faces on Fox, one who upholds the most rigorous CNN or NBC standards for Trump minimization or at least that is how things appear in this interview. Rule number one for Elizabeth Whatshername is clearly not to allow a positive statement regarding Mr. Trump or a negative one about Mrs. Clinton. If Pastor Robert Jeffress wants to slam Trump or endorse Clinton, then she’ll let him speak. Otherwise, she is to cut and interrupt his summary in the infamous rude style of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews following each question. This is the new Fox, more liberal propaganda, less news.

She asks Pastor Jeffress how he defends the “most recent audio leak that we’ve seen,” recent as in eleven years old. “It’s guy talk, a private conversation and none of yours or anyone else’s business. Ask Clinton about her health, lies, Russian uranium and selling of government secrets” would be the quick, 27 word response. Pastor Jeffress takes a little longer and a slightly less direct path.


He says, “These statements were lewd, offensive and indefensible but they’re not enough to make me vote for Hillary Clinton. He points out a statement he made the week prior with Trump seated next to him of, “Look, I might not choose this man to be a Sunday school teacher in my church, but that’s not what this election is about.”

Too positive, time to cut him off as Elizabeth Whatshername springs into action. She says, “But it’s also about electing someone with character and with judgment [like Clinton?],” asking if he’s grown in the ten years between sixty and seventy and whether or not his judgment has really changed.”

This bimbo needs to get out of the house and the studio more often. Maybe she should actually interact with a few real heterosexual guys, in groups where they’re talking freely, like around a football game at someone’s home. Give them enough time to get a beer buzz and wait for the TV cameras to find the cheerleaders. She might want to test their response to one of those college game cheerleader pyramids in particular, the ones where the girls on each side have one leg raised and the camera is inevitably held at a blatantly obvious angle just underneath. That’s an “accidental” shot that keeps happening, week after week, year after year, repeated over and over without anyone so much as noticing or commenting, right Elizabeth? Well, maybe occasionally a WNBA player might notice but no guys do unless their some kind of disgusting animals.

And how about the Super Bowl halftime show with Beyonce doing her trademark “air copulation” followed by grabbing herself in a most suggestive manner that is then mimicked by her dancer entourage. It includes multiple displays of the electro-shock butt-shakes that look not unlike Hillary Clinton before she recommends “the cold choc.” And did anyone notice that she’s in her underwear? (Beyonce, not Hillary) Nobody but that womanizer Donald Trump, right naive Elizabeth?

What Trump was exhibiting is something called normal male behavior. He’s not like her Fox coworker Shepard Smith or one of the many other New York metrosexuals who arise in the morning and self-identify their gender of the day as they’re deciding on what to wear. Patricia or Patrick, decisions, decisions.

She asks how Jeffress would convince his congregation that he supports traditional family values. Maybe he could recommend that they look at Trump’s family, many married and with children. Why not look at this position on abortion versus the baby-killing Democrats?

Pastor Jeffress tries to get the point across that we need a capable, honest leader, we don’t need a preacher-in-chief but it’s no use. Her job is to fulfill the new  Fox prime directive as they march headlong into the leftist propaganda media mainstream.

Sabotage Donald Trump; it’s easy, pretend you’re someone you’re not, that he’s something he’s not, and that you’re outraged by a guy being a guy. What got him the nomination was being one of us and not the typical phony politician. Would anyone in the Clinton media care to remember that point?

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