Ford Moving Small Car Production And Good Paying American Jobs To Mexico


The announcement was made on Wednesday that El Fordo, formerly known in the United States as Ford Motor Company, is moving all of its U.S. small car production to Mexico.

Ford Motor Co CEO Mark Fields affirmed the company plans to move to low-wage Mexico for bottom line considerations in a statement to a group of Wall Street analysts at a Ford investor conference. He said, “We will have migrated all of our small-car production to Mexico and out of the United States,” over the next two to three years.

Donald Trump happened to be in Flint, Michigan campaigning when he got word of the planned move, describing the Ford decision as “horrible,” and saying, “We shouldn’t allow it to happen.”

In the past Fields has responded to criticism of their globalist, America last policies by Mr. Trump by saying that they must compete globally. He labeled the movement of American manufacturing and jobs off-shore as making solid business decisions. In plain English that means “Screw you, America, we’re going where the cheapest labor is.”

Why bother with importing foreign workers through visas or illegally, or even hiring American workers, when they can simply go to the foreign country where the low-wage illegals come from? All they have to do is invest $1.6 billion in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mexico rather than America, giving those jobs to Mexicans instead of Americans. Ford had already announced earlier this year that they planned to conduct all of their small car production in Mexico in 2018.

Manufacturing of its Focus and C-Max production, currently operating in Wayne, Michigan, is expected to shut down in 2018. Reportedly Ford plans to replace that production with a new Bronco SUV and Ranger pickup. That production is vulnerable to a return to higher oil prices, so with a disloyal employer like Ford, those jobs are on borrowed time.

Still, it is production and a state-of-the-art facility that could be being located inside the United States, adding to the American job and manufacturing base rather than moving it out of our country. The steady bleeding of manufacturing will eventually resulting in the death of America. We cannot survive without our manufacturing, not as anything that resembles the America of the past.

Unless the trend is forcibly stopped, as Donald Trump has promised to do, we will lose our ability to be self-sustaining. We will continue to produce less until we produce virtually nothing, at which point we become nothing, economically.

Every American who hopes to have a future in this country had better understand that our greatness was built on production, on being productive and being the best at making things. Even those Democrats and others who plan to live off of the hard work of others through social support cannot survive if there is no wealth to redistribute.

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