Flynn – Long Time Since Intel Briefing Went To Leader Determined To Defeat ISIS


Former National Intelligence Agency Director General Michael Flynn is accompanied Donald Trump for his first security briefing today, a two hour discussion. He was asked by Trump to accompany him to make certain that the intelligence he received was what it should be. Flynn is asked what he thought, if it was up to his expectations.

Flynn responded, “Well first of all I think the briefers that came in today were just absolutely professional, the top of their field. And then the discussion that we had was very thorough. I will tell you that we were only able to scratch the surface of the complexity of the threats that our country faces. And so today was really just the beginning of a long dialogue.

Flynn replies to a question that was put to Donald Trump earlier in the day as to whether he trusted the quality and quantity of the briefing information he would receive, he stated that he did not “so much” based upon the results of the last few years. Flynn makes the point that the intelligence was good and even good intelligence can be diminished poor executive branch decision making.

As for the method for dealing with ISIS he said the enemy still needs to be defined and that is a critical step still missing from our “strategy.” Flynn says, “The American public needs to know that the leader that is in the White House understands the scale, the scope, the dimension that we face from this threat and we also need to be able to go after this doctrine of radical Islamism.”

Flynn noted one thing that has to change is that “We should no longer be the best enemies in the world, where we continue to telegraph exactly what it is that we’re going to do, if in fact Donald Trump becomes the president of the United States. And I would say on the other side we also need to stop being the worst friends in the world, and we need to renew the alliances and the friendships that we have, particularly in the Middle East with some of the countries that feel as though sort of they’re not in our camp anymore.”

In an obvious slap at the chronic failures on the part of the Obama Clinton regime, General Flynn commented, “If you were able to talk to the professionals that were in the room today with us today from the intelligence community they would tell you that some of the questions and some of the discussion that we had is probably as thorough as they’ve had in a long time.”

They also get into a discussion of the “noise” about relationships between Manafort, Trump and even himself with Russia which he dismisses as totally fabricated “nonsense.” Without getting into specifics, Flynn notes that they did speak with the briefers about the current situation with Russia, their adventurism and how we address it.

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