Fly Smells BS, Naturally Lands On Hillary Clinton’s Face During Debate

Fly Smells BS

Fly Smells BS, Naturally Lands On Hillary Clinton’s Face During Debate

Flies aren’t the most intelligent of creatures. They, like Democrat voters, are instinctively drawn to bull crap. The higher the concentration the more irresistible it is. One fly obviously recognized the scent of what was being laid down by Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate and thought he had hit the jackpot.

He made a line for the mother lode of manure, but found something even too despicable for a fly to remain in contact with for long, Hillary Clinton. Nature told him land here, his toxicity survival instincts overruled and told him to buzz off.


Clinton is lucky that the fly landed on her face while her eyes were closed. Had she been looking and it come towards her opened eyes, she would likely have frozen up or started with the familiar head bob, telling Anderson and Martha that they really needed to try the cold choc. That cover story only works once and then it’s not all that convincing.

It’s noteworthy that the fly wasn’t attracted to Mr. Trump, as what he’s saying is the truth and bears no resemblance to the trademark Clinton brand of road apples.

She’s lucky her mouth was closed as well, as that was likely the most alluring target of her minute admirer. It’s too bad, that would have been fun to watch. She’d have had a reason she could actually talk about to call out for water or to get choked up for a change.

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