Fleeing Suspect TRIPPED By Anonymous Pedestrian- Caught on VIDEO

Fleeing Suspect TRIPPED By Anonymous Pedestrian

Some people lend a hand to law enforcement in times of need. One man, however, lent a foot.

Police in England were chasing a suspect through the Kingston borough of London on Tuesday. They were attempting to arrest him for suspicion of drug possession with intent to sell.

A security camera caught what happened next.

As the suspect darted on to a sidewalk to evade the officers he came near a British man strolling with a woman. The man, seeing the plight of the policeman, took action.

He casually extended his leg just as the criminal passed by. The timing was perfect. The suspect tripped and went sprawling across the cobbles.

The members of Scotland Yard that were in pursuit, quickly caught up with and detained the alleged drug dealer.

[youtube id=”MQSNU_2N3nA” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Though officials would like to thank the man who came to their aid, they can not. The man did not stay at the scene and his identity is unknown.

Officer Sebastian Ellis told Sky News “The video was brought to the attention of the Borough Commander this morning, who was very impressed and would like to meet him. So if you see this, please get in contact with me!”

The anonymous man is being hailed as a local hero for what police called his “swift intervention.”

(It seems civilians are on a roll in the UK. Another man recently apprehended a mugger while dressed as Superman. No, really Superman.)

At a London station, the Kingston suspect was booked and then released on bail. The thug is not due in court until early April. An investigation involving him is still ongoing.

In the meantime, though, you can bet he is considering alternative meanings of “Don’t put a foot out of line.”

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source: Fox News