Flake Was A Gang Of Eight Open Borders Agitator With McCain – He’s Sold Out Our Country


It’s no wonder RINO open borders Arizona Senator Jeff Flake’s nose has been relocated to the side of his face. Undoubtedly there are many who want to finish the job every time the despicable creature opens his mouth.


Flake was interviewed by Jake Tapper, just two Clinton supporters having a little live TV chit-chat. The pretended, as always, that it was an unbiased conversation between an objective “journalist” and a “Republican.” Both are tools of the establishment elite. Both are establishment puppets that oppose Donald Trump because he represents the end of the railroading of America by their gravy train.

Although the arrogant Senator Flake says he would write someone in rather than vote for Clinton or Trump, his public denunciations of Mr. Trump benefits Clinton.  He can’t have it both ways and clearly prefers four more years of Hussein Obama and America being flooded with illegals to a return to the Constitution and representative government by the people.

Flake makes the typical Democrat argument, reducing to eleven million the thirty million or so illegals in our country and depicting them as being composed largely of innocent children who somehow have acquired a squatter’s right to be here. He says, “If there aren’t visa categories to accept those who have been deported then they wouldn’t be able to come back.”

That’s why it’s called deportation and not vacation, Senator. The children and their parents lived in whatever place they are being sent back to before they chose to steal into the US, it is where they belong. American children of US service personnel move frequently too, in most cases it is a series of places that they never return to. They didn’t have any role in their parent’s opting for a military career but that is not seen as grounds to make transfers voluntary in the military. The children and spouse are an extension of the serviceman, innocent or not, like it or not. There’s no reason to treat the children of law breaking foreigners with consideration that is not given to our own citizens. Remember Flake, they are here illegally. Find a way to get that concept into your oddly-shaped head.


Flake encourages candidates to separate themselves from Trump and follows Tappers’ lead to say that the “rhetoric” of Donald Trump could give the victory to the woman who can’t fill a high school gymnasium, Hillary Clinton. Just how does her lack of visual support and hiding from the electorate translate into these poll numbers that show her leading and competitive anyway? Is it only engineered through the use of media hacks like Flake and Tapper?

Tapper laughably attempts to make a point by playing a clip of the feeble John McCain presenting himself as a check on Hillary Clinton. McCain filibustered in Senate hearings about Benghazi, taking most of his time for questioning the former Secretary of State to praise her and talk about himself. He defended Muslim Brotherhood operative and Clinton’s right hand girl Huma Abedin from the Senate floor to intercede on her behalf to stop an investigation into the security threat she posed. This is the guy who’s a check against more Clinton mischief?

Flake joins Tapper in equating Trump with Bob Dole and restates his position that Republicans need to distance themselves from Donald Trump.

Republicans need to listen to the American people and distance themselves from establishment whores like Jeff Flake and Paul Ryan. If they don’t and as a result Donald Trump loses, a very large percentage of the American people will in turn distance themselves from the GOP. Their only chance for survival depends upon a Trump victory.

Tapper tells Flake in closing “It’s always a pleasure,” to have him on the show. It sure makes his job easy as a propagandist for the global elites.

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