Man Has First Penis Transplant Performed In USA! Is He Smiling Or Not?



Thomas Manning, 64 years old, of Halifax Massachusetts was discharged from a Boston Hospital today. He is the first man to ever have a penis transplanted in the United States.

Manning was battling cancer and the bank courier was severely injured in a work accident when the doctors treating him found an abnormal growth on his penis.The Times reports most of Manning’s penis had to be removed as part of his battle with an aggressive and potentially fatal penile cancer.

The penis came from New England Organ Donor Bank.  The family who donated wished to remain anonymous, but knew Manning was the patient who received it and they wished him the best of luck. The Times wrote that it took 3 years of preparation for the first penis transplant to ever be done in our country.  The team practiced on cadavers before they felt comfortable doing this transplant.  The total number of surgeries was about 12 and approximately 30 healthcare workers collaborated together to conduct a successful transplant.Screen-Shot-2016-05-16-at-9.11.12-AM (1)

Manning said he hardly experienced any pain with the procedure.  He had one major complication. He was rushed to the operating room the day after his surgery with a hemorrhagic episode which the doctors got under control.

It’s most difficult for him to take a look at the “new” penis attached to his body. Manning said, he can urinate normally and he’s back to walking around. Sexual function is still months away, though, and reproduction won’t be possible because he did not receive new testes.

His emotional experience when glancing underneath the bandages for the first time brought tears to his eyes. “It took me a few days to look at it, so confidence comes and goes,” he said, blinking away tears. “It’s one of those things that, if you look at it, it doesn’t look too good.”

As he walked out of the hospital to head home with his parents, He told reporters,”We’re going to go home, just take it easy, have a nice, relaxing night. It’s almost all over. The worst of it is all done.“He can’t wait to eat a homemade spaghetti dinner and sleep in his own bed.”


H/T:  Fox News

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