Final Lesson From The Cross!!! World To Celebrate His Love Returned!!!

On April 4th,1977 my fourth grade teacher began to read the most powerful speech I have ever known. It had been 9 years since he took his last breath and I was learning to crawl. At Cedar Park Elementary in Selma, Alabama, Mrs. Craig Captured my attention with every word. I asked her if anyone believed we might get there one day. With pride in her eyes, she said it can only happen if one believes. With the glow of an angel she taught me the lesson of hope in a smile. I would go through life learning lessons from love in search of a dream.                    image

They say unless you touch something you will never understand how it feels. I was introduced to the pain of goodbye at sixteen when our friend Mario took a bullet so I could breathe. The lesson learned as hope leave the eyes and skin turns to grey. Our friend Kate Luna was the breaking news of Click2Houston October of 2000. While the city of Houston was out trying to find her, her boyfriend sought comfort during his interview on the News. A hard way for dad to know his little girl had left, and blood on knuckle we knew her last breath. God knew I needed comfort and Lisa was hope gliding as she danced. She was a single mother who worked all day, sometimes working two jobs. Her smile was brightest when talking about her children Jeff and Kate. She knew about my friend Kate but always believed in the good of people. With a smile she said “without dreams you can never have hope” leaving on a Tuesday, while cancer took another smile.

The hate that murdered my friend Is the same that killed Dr. King. Skin color has never been the source of our problem and Dr. Vivian Thomas proved it. Thomas is the pioneer of open heart surgery who followed a dream. He grew up being told doctors with organs of different color have dreams come true. Without ever going to college Dr.Thomas knew skin color had nothing to do with troubles of the heart. Even blue babies leave with skin turned to grey. After proving it millions are saved because he taught others how to heal. Now one less color to blame and still need to adjust the pipes.

November 10, 2010 was the day I gave up everything standing up for others at work. Not because they were black, but because of a managers ignorance in believing that leadership meant control. The lesson was watching others controlled with fear. Mary and three others worked at OXY with pride in themselves while I watched them robbed of hope as the fear of losing careers kept them from saying anything. This lesson is love for country now controlled with fear. Scratching the back of others will never take away your itch. We never learn without mistakes which is cause to learn. Never a mistake after the lesson is learned. He gives the love in which to handle never more. Not one can force you to love because you can not take what is given. Fear of his love keeps away comfort when love washes fear.

I learned the lesson of losing my wife, family, and a career I love but this last class I would take alone. I forgave everyone who had hurt me. Jesus taught me to forgive which brought comfort I had never found. I put others before me, and began to love all others more than myself. I listened and learned from the greatest teacher ever known. After years of lessons my love is all of this world since the venom of the snake. The lesson of love given was being placed upon me. Satan has always used our greatest weakness as his favorite tool. I witnessed fear and pain in the eyes of my mother and wife as they cried out with worry. The more pain he caused with evil disguised as love, the more I loved and prayed for those who caused it. I prayed all day for those Satan was using and it was pissing him off. The forbidden fruit found the snake and and bite making us sick. Bad apples fall but can hide a snake in the grass. I will now burn in the lakes of Hell for eternity before I see anyone not able to swim. I learned of this love given known only to God, Heart filled and no room for hate, Jesus beside me this day had come.

Satan brought this war on terror into my home, just like he has done since day one. He did it to the mother of Jesus while teaching how to treat a snake bite. The lesson of why we don’t bring mother to the field, to see her son while at work. He used their love for me while trying to stop my love for others. He used greed, pain, corruption, and got schooled on what a Marine will do. We protect those around us and give every breath to do it. We love our brothers and watch over their mothers and children. Satan used my mothers pain trying to stop my love sworn to protect. Sworn in love on yellow footprints born in the blood with all He loves. This is not to be blamed on Oxy or anyone because everyone is the reason I believe. I now love everyone from the lesson because the venom of a snake is safe from no costume. He carried me with love when I was tired and His love gave me strength to crawl back home. This brings healing which provides strength in love. It is for the good of all people and harm can not touch what heals. Companies, politicians, religion, kids, athletes, no matter the costume, everyone of this world because God is the perfect love who loves all. Pain is never caused by comfort, because pain is washed by comfort in love. You don’t bring a match to put out fire as matches can’t wash away water. Satan caused pain in the eyes of my mother thinking I would bring pain upon those he used to cause it. Satan stuck out his tongue so I kissed his fear goodbye. This lesson was taught with fond memories as we talked about John.

Dr.Thomas saved lives through teaching, and Jesus came with love not to harm but we focus on his death. Pain distracts classroom while teaching love and forgiveness. It was never meant to justify what caused it, but to heal the one who gives it. John wasn’t told to dance with the spear but taught comfort in the bandage. After six years I began to get a little rest and allowed myself to play. I was able to share messages and gifts just to let His children know how much they mean each moment loved. I got to meet the cooks at IHOP across the street from a Cowboys dancehall in San Antonio. Spending time with those who are reason I got to eat. I got to meet Andrew the attendant and hear about his two little girls. Was blessed meeting Aleshia while smiling serving lunch at Hooters in Pasadena. Thanking our Father for her family the moment I was blessed to meet her. September 22, 2011 I sent the president a message to offer what heals this world. Phone ring is both ends but comfort follows 911. I give my love freely without condition to all who seek it. Not one is more important not one to blame but the reason we save ourselves. We are the world and reason He sent this love which saves us. Jesus the greatest teacher ever known gave his final lesson at 33 from the cross. Once taught by a man just 33 with a Dream on top of a hill. It was then but a dream given to a boy delivered in a smile. 33 years this day boy to a man, said goodbye childhood hello Marine before this lesson began. The joy and celebrations from all who came before land promised, We give this gift to our Father with a smile, lesson taught is now the lesson learned.

God said if just one man, puts all others before himself.
That this man shall be mortal.
He will one day have a heart full of love once filled with hate.
He shall love all others more than himself.
On this day God will show the road never traveled so that mankind shall live.

Since the beginning, we have treated the source of pain with what causes it. Titles create division, but never find comfort in hate. Leaders who seek comfort will seek this love which saves all of this world. The fear of pain will not stop what’s hurting. Like a cut washed with love we heal to stop bleeding. Your mom is comfort by love in trusting pain go away, she doesn’t grab the rock that cut you to take away the cut nor cast at another to take away the pain. It’s the love given in the cloth with water she washes away the hurt. We are blaming the rock and never healing in the wound. We fear the water, allow the burn. We shall bring healing together with this perfect gift sent from our Fathers hand. He creates what heals so his children cry with fear no more. With His eternal love, sent down I say to each of You. This love I now carry Is the love promised for you. This day written, a boy from Selma once given a dream, from his teacher sent from a preacher on the hill. This man taught the love of all children as he learned from the greatest teacher ever known.This final lesson given to one that could handle only when God would know. I take this bath on Sunday to wash away thoughts of death and give thanks this Love shall live. I claim no title of religion because this gift is One for all… If you lead then teach how to follow back this love returned forever… #Marine4Truth, Shep