Female Suicide Bombers Kill 58 Refugees

Suicide bombers kill 58

Female Suicide Bombers Kill 58 Refugees

2 female suicide bombers self-detonated at a refugee camp on Wednesday.

The massacre took place in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Emergency personnel have confirmed that 58 people were killed when the female terrorists set off their bombs inside the camp. Another 78 people were wounded and received treatment from health workers.

A third female bomber was taken into custody before she was able to cause any damage. Officials were able to gain information from her regarding the other bombers as well as about other planned attacks.

Apparently, the young women posed as refugees. They were welcomed and given a place to sleep. The explosions occurred in the early morning hours before many of the residents of the camp were awake.

Suicide bombers kill 58

Suicide bombers kill 58

All 3 of the bombers are believed to be members of Boko Haram. Maiduguri is both the birthplace of this terror group and the biggest city in the region.

As of late evening on the date of the bombing, 51 bodies had already been buried. The remains of 5 victims were sent to nearby hospitals.

The refugee camp outside the city currently houses approximately 50,000 people who have been put out of their homes by the Islamic uprising. Camps and small, unprotected villages have become the preferred targets for these kinds of attacks since troops drove Boko Haram from the larger cities last year.

A similar attack occurred just 10 days ago in another part of Nigeria. 86 people were killed including children that were burned alive inside huts. 1 of the bombers in that attack was also female.

Additional assaults in northeastern Cameroon, Chad, and Niger have also been credited to Boko Haram jihadists. The event in Cameroon also took place on Wednesday. That incident killed 10 people and injured 40 that were attending a funeral.

The death toll from incidents related to this terror group has passed the 20,000 mark.

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source: Fox News