Federal Court Orders One State To Reinstate Dead Voters

Just in case anyone out on the fruited plain thought that it was a good idea to go through the voter rolls in any one state and remove people who haven’t voted in a few years – including people who are dead – the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the State of Ohio’s law to do just that is, get this, unconstitutional:

Voting-rights activists argued that this method of removing voters directly violates the NationalVoter Registration Act, which says states can only remove voters from the rolls if they request it, die or move.

Which is essentially what the Ohio law did by removing people who hadn’t voted in six years.  All of that would be covered even if the state had not been notified that a person died or moved.

Ohio’s top elections official, Secretary of State Jon Husted, defended the practice as necessary to keep registration rolls up to date and to prevent fraud.

And We the People are with him on that.  The Sixth Circuit, though, is not.  The case was remanded to a lower court to devise a solution – six weeks out from the most consequential presidential election in the nation’s history in one of the swing states that’s really needed to win.  (And one where voter fraud is known to take place even if courts claim that has never been proven.)  From Newsmax:

“With today’s ruling, the court will effectively force us to put voters back on the voter rolls who have died or long since moved to another address,” Husted said in a statement. “This ruling overturns 20 years of Ohio law and practice, which has been carried out by the last four secretaries of state, both Democrat and Republican. It also reverses a federal court settlement from just two years ago that required exactly the opposite action.

“It is one thing to strike down a longstanding procedure; it is another to craft a workable remedy. To that end, if the final resolution requires us to reinstate voting eligibility to individuals who have died or moved out of Ohio, we will appeal,” Husted’s statement continued.

Why now, then, if the law in question is two decades old?  Whatever the reason, one group of people is happy.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio said in a statement that the move was unconstitutional because the government sought to remove voters for just being inactive.

“We are very happy that the court found that Secretary Husted’s process of purging voters in Ohio is illegal and must stop,” Mike Brickner, senior policy director at the ACLU said in the statement. “We don’t believe that any voters should be removed from the rolls simply because they haven’t voted in a few elections.

“We hope that a plan will emerge soon to allow the tens of thousands of voters illegally purged from the rolls to vote in the upcoming presidential election. It is critical that both election officials and voters know the rules far in advance of November 8th,” the ACLU statement continued.

Ri-i-i-i-i-ght.  It’s critical the names of the dead be there so that….  Well, we all know what happens when inactive voters are not removed from the rolls.

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