Facebook Tag = Jail? This is not a Hoax.

Facebook Tag = Jail?

You have the right to use Facebook. Anything you tag can, and will, be used against you in a court of law.fb

That’s the case for a New York woman named Maria Gonzalez.

Her former sister-in-law, Maribel Calderon, was granted an order of protection against Gonzalez. In the order, Maria was restricted from having any contact, whatsoever, with Maribel.

Maria apparently, did not understand that this applied to Facebook. She proceeded to tag Maribel Calderon in a post that referred to her as “stupid.”

She has since tried to argue that the protection order “did not specifically prohibit [her] from Facebook communication.”

Too bad for Maria that Westchester County Supreme Court Justice Susan Capeci doesn’t agree with her on the subject. “The order of protection prohibited the defendant from contacting the protected party by electronic or any other means,” the judge stated.

Now Maria Gonzalez could be serving a year in jail for violating the protection order.

She’s sure to get plenty of “likes” and “pokes” if she ends up there.

It has been a busy week for law enforcement and Facebook. Tuesday, Donald “Chip” Pugh from Lima, Ohio was arrested in Florida after sending a selfie to the Lima police because he thought his mug shot on their Facebook page looked “terrible.”

Maybe ancestry.com can tell us if these 2 are related somewhere. It would explain a lot.

Since it appears that both Maria Gonzalez and Donald Pugh are going to have a lot of time on their hands, maybe they can better themselves with one of the many online education programs available to inmates. They have already shown a propensity for computers, so, why not?

Perhaps they can even check out a copy of “Blogging and Social Media For Dummies” from the prison library. That way (provided they don’t behave in a “stupid” or “terrible” manner while incarcerated) they can keep from winding up back behind bars.

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source: Fox news