Desperate Dems Dig Up 126 Year Old Law To Pick On Eric Trump

In a sure sign that the leftist media has not matured past middle school, the New York Daily News is making a to do about Eric Trump Tweeting a picture of his ballot with his vote cast for his father, Donald Trump, in the State of New York.  Please, note in the picture below just exactly how many candidates and ballot issues are shown.


So, the good American reader asks, what is wrong with a son being proud to vote for his father for president.  Well, it seems that in New York State, anyway, sharing completed ballots is illegal.  And in a case of a judge being a total hard case, it was ruled last week that this includes ballots shared on social media.  (The law is over 100 years old, and a bit on the obsolete side if someone wants to violate the seal of the election booth, but it’s still on the books.)

“I’m glad to see Eric Trump engaged in our valued tradition of civil disobedience by showing his ballot on the internet. However, according to the federal court what he did was illegal and he could face up to one year in jail,” said lawyer Leo Glickman, who represented voters who’d challenged the law in a federal suit.

This particular law has not been invoked in decades, but there is still the possibility of the proud son having to pay a $1,000 fine for showing the world what all of us knew he would do anyway – vote for his father.

The tweet in question was removed after the New York Daily News asked someone – it’s not clear from their article who – about a possible violation of law in the case.  Yeah, that’s it.  Use the letter of the law, not the spirit of it, to try and bludgeon the son of the man running for president that the mainstream media and American liberals do not next pagewant in office all for taking a selfie at his voting precinct.

Time to grow up, liberals.


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