Erdogan, Like Obama, Showing True Inner Islamist


The consolidation of power and reconfiguration of Turkey as an Islamist state by President Recep Erdogan following what may or may not have been an actual coup attempt rightfully has many people concerned. The submissive open border cabal of European leaders, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the lead, have refused to act in their own best interest and allowed Turkey to dictate their “refugee” policy. Turkey is the gatekeeper of “refugees” flooding into Europe and Erdogan has used that status to his advantage in forcing accommodations from the EU, including a pending application for admission and visa-free travel within the Schengen Area. That seems less likely at this point in time following the crackdowns but things change quickly when dealing with spineless politicians.

Turkey is in a unique position as the only Islamic NATO country, formerly a parliamentary republic but increasingly devolving under Erdogan into an authoritarian Islamist State. The common thread upon which NATO is based, Article 5, the declaration that an attack on one as being an attack on all, has never been viewed from the perspective of aggression by a fellow member. The actions of both the European leadership as well as Erdogan now makes that something at least worth consideration.

Turkey has the second largest military in the alliance, behind only the United States. The events of the past year or two with their duplicitous assistance in fighting ISIS as well as Turkey’s double dealing with other compromised governments, such as that of Germany, show how fickle and self-serving they are. Two years ago the entire region and the alliance were completely different.

For those of us who do not trust Hussein Obama any further than Hillary Clinton could throw him, there is a new dynamic that needs to be considered. What if one of these pro-Islamic governments, say Germany, France or the even the illegitimate occupier of our own White House dreamed up a scheme with Turkey’s Erdogan to invoke article 5 as a means of introducing an invading military force into the country? Sure, it sounds crazy, but so does Europe opening its borders to millions of conquering Islamists. How much crazier is including an armed element as part of the scheme, particularly once a significant civilian force has been accumulated as support? Could a claimed response to a Russian troop buildup or maneuvers be enough to invite the armed Islamists of Turkey as a pretext?

As indicated in the video, the relationships internationally and civil unrest of the already unruly Islamic population demonstrated in support of Erdogan this past weekend in Cologne, Germany. The Turkish population there is estimated at three million, forty to fifty thousand of which were gathered to hear an address by Erdogan. The Islamic population is much greater and the population of a disarmed nation offers compromised resistance at best.

It’s interesting and more than a little hypocritical that Erdogan would complain about being prevented from speaking based upon an argument of restricting freedom of expression when he has shut down more than 130 media outlets since the coup and engaged in wholesale purges prompting Germany’s foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, to deride Turkey’s actions after the failed coup attempt as “getting far out of proportion. … When tens of thousands of civil servants, teachers and judges are dismissed, thousands of schools and education facilities shut and dozens of journalists arrested without any direct connection with the coup being discernible, we cannot simply stay silent.”

Steinmeier may be voicing his disapproval but Erdogan’s good buddy and fellow Islamist, Hussein Obama has in fact opted to remain largely silent. They share a vision and mission, working towards the same goal on different continents, Islamification.

If a fabricated excuse to invoke Article 5 becomes part of any discussion, it’s time to sound the alarm. We can’t dismiss anything as beyond the realm of possibility with these snakes. They’ve proven that beyond any shadow of a doubt.

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