AGAIN? EPA Spills MORE Contaminated Water In Colorado

Last year, when the Gold King Mine blowout happened on the Animas River in Colorado, word spread like wildfire that the EPA had caused a blowout and sent millions of gallons of water contaminated with heavy metals toxic to humans down the river.  The images of disgusting, golden-orange sludge making its way down the river horrified the nation.  Well, guess what.  The Environmental “Protection” Agency spilled more contaminated water that was being treated from the spillway of the mine into the river without the heavy metals being removed.  From the Washington Examiner:

The EPA said Thursday night that the spill happened on Tuesday, and officials are still attempting to determine how much and what metals were contained in the sludgy discharge, according to the Associated Press….

Local officials said this week’s release was not large enough to warrant a public advisory….

This week’s spill came from the treatment plant that the EPA set up near the mine to filter water coming from the mine before releasing it into the creek and river systems. A large amount of rain in Colorado caused the treatment facility to overflow and some of the untreated water to spill into the waterways.

Large amounts of rain will overrun just about any treatment facility which has not adequately planned for such a force of nature.  Given that the company hired by the EPA to drain the mine the first time around (these were the people who failed to pump out what was in the mine before opening the plug) botched the job, logic only dictates that no one think about rainfall or a lot of it when building a treatment plant.  Right?

EPA said the water that spilled from he plant was partially treated, and the metals present in it should quickly settle to the bottom of waterways where they are less harmful.

Yes, heavy metals do sink to the bottom of rivers and streams, but anytime a lot of rain stirs up the sediment, the heavy metals will contaminate again.  Unnaturally.

Whatever protecting of the environment is being done by the EPA we haven’t seen it in the rivers and streams of Colorado in gold mine country.  The Animas River and the others downstream were so contaminated in 2015, four states’ water supplies were effected as well at that of the Navajo nation. This is more of the same.

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