Ellen Gets Bashed Over A Tweet Did She Do Anything Wrong

Ellen Gets Bashed

Ellen Gets Bashed Over A Tweet Did She Do Anything Wrong

Ellen DeGeneres of all people was in the internet cross-hairs earlier this week for a photo and tweet that had some accusing her of racism. The talk show host thought she was celebrating another dominant performance by Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt after he won yet another gold medal in the 100m at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. A day after Bolt’s gold medal performance, DeGeneres tweeted the following photoshopped picture, with her on the back of Bolt as he cruised to the finish line in a qualifying race, a photo that’s received plenty of attention in recent days.

As always what was meant to be a harmless joke turned into a race issue. I personally do not watch talk shows, but I know that is not what she meant but her comment. Others took to her photo and ran with the race comments.



There comes a point when people realize that everything that is done in this world is not racially motivated. Being offended by what someone does or does not do is in fact on YOU! Only you have the power to change that, not others! We live in a world where everyone is offended by everything, waiting to be offended by something. Looking for racial strife in everyone’s actions.

It is time to stop, all this is doing is creating new generations of crybabies that will eventually be offended by a simple look that they assumed was given to them in a racist direction.

Bolt himself retweeted Ellen’s tweet, he had no issue with what she meant, he knew it was as only a light-hearted JOKE!! Yet people that it did not even involve took it upon themselves to call her racist. She only meant that he dominated on the track and could get her errands done in record time. If that is something can not be understood then maybe people should figure out the meaning behind someone’s words before bashing them… It was a compliment just with humor, she is, after all, a comedian. So I guess one could say for all the people that resorted to calling her racist, YOUR ignorance is well above your intellect.



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