Election Official Runs Away When Questioned About Assisting In Election Fraud

The Texas Director of Elections has something to hide. It appears there is something that he doesn’t want the American people and the people of Texas to know about their votes. David Knight of Infowars just wanted to ask this supposed public servant why he’s adopted a policy that seems to be designed to embrace voter fraud, to compromise the integrity of the election process rather than to protect or ensure it.

As Keith Ingram was heading downstairs he made it most of the way, lacking only one flight of steps of being there. That’s when he saw trouble lurking in his path, those notorious Infowars guys were “after him” again. What’s a corrupt politician to do when he confronted by honest media with nowhere to hide? There was only one solution, the last result of compromised global lackey politicians. Ingram ran the other way. He turned tail like a cowardly elementary school kid who sees the bully is waiting for him after school.


As the cowardly and compromised official made a run for it, Knight asked him, “You don’t want to talk to us?” Ingram indicated that the in fact did not. Knight asked him again, “Really, you don’t want to talk to us at all? People are concerned the election’s going to be rigged, I guess they’re really going to be concerned when they see you turn your back on us.”

He asks if he can talk to anyone, or if they all “want to rig this.” He shouts out his question to the runaway official, asking, “Why are you cutting off all of these audit trails? Why are you cutting down the paper audit trails?” This political appointee who had no experience in managing elections before being given the job previously worked as a political appointment to Governor Rick Perry. His area of expertise was in the unrelated field of routine legal work and the selection of political appointees.

Perhaps Ingram is sensitive about his lack of qualifications for his job and afraid he might look bad in trying to justify his errant decisions. Perhaps he’s they simply can’t be justified and he knows it. Knight says, “Well, there you go. That should tell you something. People concerned about elections being rigged, you’ve got the Director of Elections here in the Secretary of State’s office that won’t talk to us. He takes one look at the press and turns around an walks off.”

Knight notes in the video that it was his intention to ask Ingram “why there have been so many orders to contravene the law that would give us an audit trail for electronic voting machines.” He points out the concerns of the American people over the integrity of our electoral process and notes that “We’ve seen time and time again that the director here of elections has judged in favor of the vendors rather than in favor of integrity.”

Knight says, “If the vendor’s machines that he wants to buy don’t conform to election law they change the election laws. So we want to ask him why he’s shutting down paper trails at the different precincts, why they are turning away monitors at the elections and other issues about electronic voting that many people are concerned about. It is a nationwide concern and we’re going to ask him what he can tell us to reassure voters that these elections are not rigged.

Rather than offer reassurances, Ingram increased our concerns, indicating that he can’t explain his actions and that they may well have been done specifically with the intent to manipulate the results. He’s supposed to be a public servant, apparently that doesn’t include nosey reporters trying to inform the American people. In those cases he feels justified in running and hiding. Combine his behavior with the illegal alien hordes being allowed to vote and we’ve got a very serious situation, one that could easily see this election stolen by the establishment thugs.

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