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When the video of Hillary Clinton collapsing at the September 11 memorial first surfaced, a scene from Ed Klein’s book The Amateur flashed.  It was toward the beginning when Bill and Hillary Clinton were arguing over whether or not she should run for president in 2012.  He argued that she should do it then because Barack Obama was an amateur and she wasn’t getting any younger.  She argued that she had plenty of time.

It’s turning out that Bill Clinton was right.  And not only that, according to Ed Klein’s contacts, Bill has known about Hillary’s fragile health for years, and can’t get her to get a full medical work-up.  (One wasn’t done in 2012 when she had the blood clot?) This is what the king of Washington, D.C., gossip-mongers had to say on Fox and Friends this morning.

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Anyone who has really objectively followed the Hillary Clinton health story this election year can well believe Mr. Klein’s account regardless of his use of unnamed sources, and his hawking a new book.  We have seen Hillary Clinton fall multiple times, not just the famous fall that put her in New York Presbyterian Hospital with a concussion four years ago.  According to a new Daily Mail report, the woman had a blood clot in 1998, and lied to her staff about it. Now we are finding out from friends and colleagues that that falling, fainting and not being able to walk up stairs is a regular occurrence, hence Bill Clinton’s concern and fury.

Bill Clinton’s motivation to convince his consort to get a full medical workup can be motivated by any number of factors.  It would be nice for it to be concern, but one email released today from a Colin Powell stash indicates his eyes still wander.  The Clintons are really all about power and Hillary not being able to return to the White House as president extinguishes the possibility that Bill will ever live at that address again.

Sources are now coming out of the woodwork to confirm what experienced eyes spotted in the September 11 video – the Secret Service acted like this happens all the time.  We’re now finding out that it does, and pneumonia and dehydration are nowhere close to the extent of Hillary’s health problems.

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