Earnest Stumped – Lame, Death To America Reasons He Says Obama Must Pass TPP


The reporter asks White House spokesliar Josh Earnest questions regarding the determination of Hussein Obama to force through what should be titled the Corporate Government Fascism Enablement And Benefits Act, what is deceptively marketed as a trade agreement, TPP.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is strongly opposed by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton claims to have flip-flopped her position and now be opposed to it. That’s a point that Donald Trump made in the first debate, that she was initially in favor of it and her newfound dedication to its defeat is tepid at best. He also voiced his belief that if she were to win that opposition would turn to support after a few cosmetic changes.

The reporter says, “It just seems like such a contradiction on such a huge issue that he feels so strongly about. He echoes what Donald Trump and the rest of everyone who has been watching sees as the most likely potential if Clinton were elected, asking, “At some point does he expect Secretary Clinton to flip on this? Fox’s James Rosen inserts a timely “again” into the exchange.

Earnest laughably responds, “Oh no, I take her at her word so I’ll let her describe her opinion and her position on this issue.” He then begins some serious searching for ways to provide a non-committal answer that they’ll be able to backtrack on at a future time.  The best he can come up with is a defense of going ahead with TPP based upon an obligation to the other signatories who are “counting on the United States to be true to our word.”

Really, Mr. Earnest? How has the US given its word to anyone when the treaty has not been ratified by Congress? The only votes have been in the form of a fast track approval which compromises the Senate’s two/thirds obligation. There has been no passage, no ratification and no word given, none.

He continues, struggling in one of those moments when the lies just won’t flow, saying, “Some of them have already started implementing the kinds of reforms that benefit the United States.”  Well, Josh, that’s how the cookie crumbles. It’s just great that we’re benefiting from their lack of discipline. How does that obligate us to act in their best interest against our own? Aside from the fascist global jackpot considerations for all of your corporate masters, of course.

He says those reforms are contingent upon the completion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, TPP, and starts talking about us being able to raise labor standards and human rights standards as being enough of a return for us to throw away our sovereignty. Based upon being able to commit national suicide as the nice guys, we should set up a corporate world government with power over the United States, populated by other nations and corporate pirates. There aren’t any reasons, are there Josh?

Maybe he and his corrupt regime should concern themselves with our own labor standards, which are in the toilet now and doomed to be flushed down completely if TPP passes.

He offers up an argument that could only be intended only for the consumption of those who have completely lost the ability for rational thought, but the reporters buy it. He says that it’s an issue of “leveling the playing field so that American workers and American businesses will have an opportunity to fairly compete.” How do Americans, working for an American wage, be it a now reduced American wage through foreign competition from abroad and illegals here at home, compete with workers in Vietnam or China who will perform their duties for a tenth or twentieth of the compensation?

How do we compete against workers in China and India where cheap coal powers their facilities and our energy is increasingly pricing us out of the market through regulation? How is it a leveling of the playing field when our manufacturers move to other countries to employ their cheap labor or import their cheap labor over here, leaving the American workers out of the equation on both ends?

What Earnest is doing is lying to cover up the further raping of the American worker, the destruction of our economic engine, the elimination of our manufacturing base, and the crippling of our nation as we are transformed into a former super-power.

TPP is the fulfillment of that objective and the empowerment of the fascist oligarchs seeking our destruction. That is why it matters to Hussein Obama. That is the lie that took Earnest so long to come up with as he desperately searched for a way to string it together, pathetic, inept and transparent as it was. America is under attack. The enemies are in DC.

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