Dr. Gorka, Sheriff Clarke – After Trump Milwaukee Speech


In the post-speech interview Dr. Sebastian Gorka makes the point that he chose to become an American and its protection and security very seriously. He notes how Sheriff Clarke and his colleagues in law enforcement in effect represent the Constitution. “They protect the constitutional order in America. And Hillary and the ‘president’ are against the Constitution.”

Gorka says, “Look at what they’ve done. Look at sanctuary cities, look at the border, look at the way they use the ATF, the IRS. This is the message. People have had enough, Sean.

Hannity highlights some of the points made by Trump in his speech, citing the fact that African-Americans are only used for votes, the poor education system, jobs being lost to black Americans disproportionately under Democrat rule, inner city America and the drug epidemic. Hannity says, “He’s addressing all of these things, really seemingly going after a vote that for Barack Obama went ninety percent for him.”

Sheriff David Clarke replies, “You know he’s connecting the dots and that’s what I think is just fantastic about Donald Trump when I said he gets us, he’s connected to us. I’m talking about us at ground level, not that 30,000 ft cruising altitude.”

Hannity injects, “And respecting law enforcement,” to which Sheriff Clarke replies, “Right, and that’s huge, alright? Safe communities, safe schools, everything starts with safety. He gets that. He said the first responsibility of government is to protect its people.”

Now all we have to do is get him into the White House.


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