Dr. Carson – No Way To Penetrate Democrat Corruption


Hillary Clinton is once again denying any involvement in the latest email scandal. This newest opportunity for her to profess her innocence is centered on the DNC conspiring with the Clinton camp to steer the nomination her way. Of course she’s claiming complete ignorance of any wrong doing. We’ve seen her in action before; we know how much her denials and her word are worth.

Dr. Carson is asked about one of the emails in which the CFO for the DNC, Brad Marshall, floated the idea of attacking Sanders on his religion. Carson replies that using one’s religion against them regardless of who they are is a bad idea and unconstitutional.

He doesn’t understand how Democrats can be aware of this corruption on all fronts and choose to “stick their heads in the sand and ignore it and say ‘Oh, that’s nothing.’”

They discuss how this was done to Sanders because he was the outsider candidate that the establishment opposed, in a manner similar to the Trump candidacy. They talk about why Trump  was able to persevere where Sanders was not. Dr. Carson attributes it to the level of corruption within each party.

Carson agrees there is no question the system is rigged, saying, “One of the things I discovered to my chagrin. I mean I knew that there was corruption, but the level of corruption throughout the political system is overwhelming. He says the DNC is completely corrupt, “There was no way for anybody to break through. With the Republicans it was corrupt but it wasn’t completely corrupt so there was a way to break through and the will of the people prevailed. There were so many people who did not want the will of the people to prevail.”

He also remembers the obstructions and insults thrown at the Tea Party when they first came on the scene and how they were demonized for wanting to play a role in determining the future of our country.  As for the accusations of collusion between the Republicans and the Russians, once he stops laughing, Dr. Carson points out the ridiculous nature of those claims.

He says, “There are so many things that come out that are just completely foolish and I just say all people have to do is engage their brains and think for themselves. That is the key to America. It is a nation that is of, for and by the people, not of, for and by the political class, the media, the pundits. We the people, please think for yourself.”

They then play a clip of the disgusting piece of racist garbage named Jim Kenney who somehow managed to become the mayor of Philadelphia. He derides the Trump “Make America Great Again” slogan, saying “take America back from whom and for whom.” Maybe this idiot could at least get the slogan right if he’s going to premise his attack upon it, although it would have made his fabrication harder to pull off.

The white racist trash went on to say, “Donald Trump and his folks want to go back to the good old days where you couldn’t sit at a lunch counter or ride in the front of a bus.” The “newsperson” is apparently black as she grunts in agreement, a racist herself or horribly uninformed.

Dr. Carson says that their use of the term racism is born out of ignorance and goes on to explain his experience and what racism really is.

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