Donald Trump’s Globalist Enemy Paul Ryan – Gingrich Has Advice


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich believes that part of what is motivating the stubbornness of the establishment holdouts in their refusal to support Donald Trump is the sudden nature of his victory, the way Ted Cruz was so resoundingly defeated in the primaries leading up to his wise but unexpected announcement last Tuesday that he was leaving the race.

He describes it as “a number of them panicked and decided they had to make a lot of noise to get his attention to negotiate.” Fortunately for the American people, Trump is a very good negotiator and he holds most of the cards, our cards that he’s playing for us.

His opponent, at least the visible puppet, Paul Ryan, opposes virtually everything of substance that the American people support and are demanding through Donald Trump and what will get him elected. Ryan was the chief proponent of TPP and TPA, he’s an open borders agitator in league with Rep Luis Gutierrez, and he’s a big spender, having approved every liberal Marxist funding request that Obama had in his two year Omnibus spending disaster.

The list continues by the bottom line is that negotiations with Ryan will set the stage for the upcoming events to follow. The only negotiation that should be taking place with Paul Ryan is the terms of his surrender. Ryan works for the enemies of the American people, the global Marxists that have been gorging themselves as they systematically rape and destroy our nation under Obama, Clinton and the Bushes. Their time in power is ending, the American people won’t be going back to sleep anytime soon.

Gingrich believes that Trump should negotiate with Ryan. It’s another example of Mr. Trump being light years ahead of the political class, even those who support him. There’s no dealing with Ryan, he’s a snake that will inevitably come back to bite him, given the opportunity. Trump should respond by making a campaign appearance with Ryan’s primary challenger, Paul Nehlen. Nehlen has gone on the record stating that he will support the Party’s nominee, having earned it by the voice of the people. Ryan listens for the sound of a wallet opening.

Gingrich is asked why Ryan didn’t send a less abrasive and a less disruptive tone by tempering his comments along the lines of making a statement after they’ve had time to have discussions. He replies, “I assume that Speaker Ryan was trying to send a signal. He’s a sophisticated guy so I assume he was trying to make enough noise to make sure that Trump paid attention to him.” A loaded .45 to the temple makes a lot of noise and draws attention as well, Mr. Gingrich. It seems that the “sophisticated” political prostitute, Rep Ryan, didn’t learn much from watching the primary battles. He needs some personal tutoring.

Gingrich says Trump needs to “listen to Paul and understand what Ryan’s concerns are.” Understanding Ryan’s concerns is fine; Trump probably has a good understanding of the globalist tool and his positions already. Surrendering his America first posture to the anti-American Ryan isn’t going to happen. Trump will expose him for the fraud that he is and eviscerate him.

Gingrich says he was much more offended by the Bushes and Romney, and their refusal to support the party’s nominee than he is with Ryan. He shouldn’t be, they don’t matter and aren’t even worthy of discussion anymore. They are history and unpleasant chapters for many Americans. The only one with an active role in the future, potentially, is Ryan and that is yet to be determined. He needs to figure out right away that the power has shifted and he’s either with Donald Trump or with Eric Cantor. For the American people, a victory by the good Paul, Paul Nehlen, in the Wisconsin primary is the best way to solve the problem.

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