Donald Trump And The Reawakening Of The American Male

At the risk of starting a massive catfight on this site, this writer has been wondering just where it is that the polls some “conservative” sites are pushing are being taken that claim Donald Trump turns off women.  A few weeks ago, the headlines were full of the news.  Up to 70%, according to a Gallup Poll, of women have an unfavorable opinion of the man.  Not that anyone should believe the polls anyway, as they are all completely dependent on how the question is asked, but by the pictures of the rallies, and the popularity of the girls from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Diamond and Silk, there seem to be plenty of women, dare it be said, attracted to the man.  Politically, of course.  (These women just want to vote for him, they don’t want to marry him.)

Here’s the rub with that.  Gallup keeps that poll running all the time, and with the running, the numbers are starting to be more stark.  (Also with the running, people aren’t answering the phone at home to take the polls anymore, but that’s neither here nor there.)  We are told by the pundit class that Donald Trump turns off the ladies.  This narrative has taken hold deeply enough among the group of anti-Trump pundit outlets that every chance they get, the tweed jacketed ones are opining on the topic of Donald Trump being a Neanderthal.  To wit, from an upcoming issue of National Review, David French demonstrates his soy lattes curdle with Trump in the lead and the prospect of feminism justified regarding the upbringing of America’s young males, and the Donald being a role model:

Absent exposure to those few American subcultures that still retain an understanding of distinctly virtuous masculinity, they live in a state of frustration, with many ultimately embracing negative stereotypes, living a life in full reaction against feminism. While not rapists, they are predators — seeking serial sexual conquests. While not criminals, they are bullies — using threats and swagger to get their way. Life is about winning, and women and money are the ways in which they keep score.

And Trump is their hero. To enter the world of the pick-up artist — or of segments of the so-called men’s-rights movement — is to enter the world of the Trump fanboy. Trump has “tight game,” to borrow the phrasing of Château Heartiste, a popular website for frustrated male Millennials. He’s the “ultimate alpha.” Fox News’s Andrea Tantaros channeled this mindset when she declared: “The Left has tried to culturally feminize this country in a way that is disgusting. And you see blue-collar voters — men — this is like their last vestige, their last hope is Donald Trump to get their masculinity back.” Fox’s Stacey Dash memorably called Trump “street” — and meant it as a compliment.

The masculinity of Trump is exactly the caricatured, counterfeit masculinity of the feminist fever dream. It takes the full energy of manhood and devotes it to sex, money, and power. It’s posturing masquerading as toughness and anger drained of bravery. (Is the man who recoils from Michelle Fields and obsesses over Megyn Kelly really going to take down ISIS?) Trump represents aggression channeled into greed. Apologies are for the weak, and self-sacrifice is for suckers. Trump is a kind of man that many people can recognize but none should emulate. He is the indefensible man.

Trump actually was vindicated on Michelle Fields, and Megyn Kelly had it coming, but the anti-Trump crowd doesn’t see it that way.

The rest of French’s diatribe is a swipe at American men who use sports, video games, leisure fishing and hunting and the like to unwind in the privacy of their man caves.  In the olden days, this was called normal, not Neanderthal, and those of us ladies still close enough to our blue collar roots give the men the space they need to become human via this method after battling the workplace every day which is increasingly feminized with all the human resources crap that forces all workers to maintain a facade of civility when all you want to do half the time is dress down the office agitator.

Tour any old plantation, castle, or domicile before the age of feminism, and the man cave thing is the way men’s and women’s relations have always been.  An educated twit like David French should know that the ladies’ parlor and the gentlemen’s study were sacrosanct.  In the 21st century, that concept has just taken on a different look.  The ladies get the living room and the men get the man cave.

And, really, anyone who has been on the dating scene in America knows that assets trump everything else regardless of the protestations of the prospects.  From personal experience, on the Catholic dating sites, a guy might be religious and perfectly virtuous, but he’s still looking for the Virgin Mary in Christie Brinkley’s body after declaring himself “financially secure.”   

Contrast the passage above with a stark reality of American masculinity as stated by the blogosphere’s Ulsterman:

America was once a place where men were men and women could tell the difference. It was a country of John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman and Charlton Heston, among others.

Now, not so much.

Hell, we got a president who is repeatedly seen and heard giggling.

Giggling, dammit!

This writer would like to add Robert Mitchum to that list.  He had fewer of the weaknesses of the others, even if he did smoke weed for decades.  (Come on, Clint Eastwood might be a man’s man, but he’s a serial womanizer.)

In his quest to find out the veracity of the claims that Donald Trump turns off women, Ulsterman talked to “the Little General” (his wife) and asked what is it about him that is attractive to women, as so many of her women clients are quietly Trumpenitstas:

Her response indicated that first and foremost, Trump talked like a man, or perhaps more accurately, like men used to talk openly in America before political correctness turned nearly all public communication into phony safe places where words were spoken but nothing was ever said. She indicated women like how supportive he is of his kids, how hard he fought back to defend himself and his family, and how he is so openly proud of the hard work and resulting great success that hard work brought him and that he now seems willing to sacrifice almost everything to keep that kind of opportunity alive for future generations.

Which is pretty much exactly what French claims masculinity is all about albeit with fifty cent words and language that would have made Oscar Wilde proud in its poetic absurdity.  Look (as this writer’s engineer father would start, and often does), Trump may not mow his own grass, or know how to change the oil in the car or be adept as using power tools, but that doesn’t make him less masculine.  (He’d do it if he had to.)  It’s doubtful the punditry of National Review does all these maintenance tasks themselves, either, but there is something about suede patches on a tweed jacket that does not give off the vibe that says, “Yeah, I would wear a kilt commando.”  Trump does give off that vibe in a handmade Italian suit.  He also backs away from that bravado without breaking confidence when the moment calls for it in the various appearances he’s had, which belies the Neanderthal premise.  Trump’s kids have stayed out of trouble, and are all accepted in his family, even if it took him three tries for a good marriage. (No one asks if the women were an issue when it comes to that.)

To be blatant, against Reince Priebus and John Kasich, there is no comparison in the testosterone department.  Donald Trump is a man.  No, he doesn’t put on airs and try to hide the creepiness with hair gel, a la Ted Cruz, but is his real, authentic self.  That is not a bad thing.

Donald Trump represents the not so long ago version of the American Mega-Man, the alpha male, the in-your-face-take-no-sh*t-git-er-done leader that was once the epitome of Americana but has since been reduced to a frail, shriveled sack of its former self that constantly apologizes for America’s greatness and bows meekly to our lessers.

Trump is trying to bring the US of A’s swagger back. If he were to be president, there will be no bowing, no apologies, no willful wimpification of a once-great nation.

Apparently, there’s a whole lot of American women out there who want that very thing as well…

Yes, Ulsterman, that’s exactly what we want, and what so many of us want the young men to understand is not a bad thing so long as virtue is also present.  Now, can we talk about finding jobs for all these guys who have had their feet knocked out from under them every time another factory relocates overseas, and they have to find a new way to be the provider traditional masculinity says is their place to be?

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