Donald Trump, Jr. Explains Why Politicos Are Morons When It Comes To The Wall

Please, pardon the professional deal makers while they go about saving America.  That is the gist of the phenomenon that is Donald Trump.  And that’s the lesson his son, Don Jr., gave the nation, and the professional political class, this morning in the wake of Trump, Sr.’s talk with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

See, while all the media and politicos are fixated on who is going to build the wall on the southern border, and, more importantly, who is going to pay for it, Trump is laying the groundwork for that conversation.  Nieto may have brought up not paying for it, but there is more than one way to skin a goose. Trump is demonstrating that by going in for the kill before the foundation is laid is a big mistake.  His son explains.

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Funny that politicians negotiating much more secretive and difficult treaties and deals have never been questioned on the method they went about to make the deal happen.  Even in fundraising, one never goes in with the ask on the first meeting.  A multi-billion dollar construction project should be no different.

However, the words from Don, Jr. that are the most striking are the simple truth of the difference between Trump and the politicos, particularly Tim Kaine who was sharply critical of the meeting.

“If Hillary Clinton, if Tim Kaine had ever done a deal…maybe a good deal…in their lives.  If they ever did anything in business.  If they ever experienced the real world instead of just being politicians talking in theory without any actual practice, maybe he would know that.  But because they don’t, because they’ve never built anything, they’ve never actually created a job, they sit there and spout soundbites.  And Hillary Clinton will regurgitate soundbites of someone wittier than her, will write for her.  That’s the way they’ve conducted their entire lives.”

Trump actually has taken the laws passed and walked through the minefield created by the politicos to make his businesses work.  That’s an achievement the rest of the field just does not have.

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