Donald Trump, Jr., Drops BOMBSHELL On Clinton Foundation

In 2016, there are so many moving pieces and parts to the presidential candidacies and messaging coming from the mainstream media and the various factions that want anyone but Donald Trump in the White House, that the full picture of criminality of the Clinton Machine is getting overlooked.  We the People are concentrating more and more on the email scandal and the truth on Benghazi coming out.  The media wants us to concentrate on Hillary’s sudden expensive taste in hideous designer jackets.

Donald Trump, Jr., on the other hand, is looking in another direction.  This week on Hannity, the Republican Nominee for President’s oldest child had this to say about the Clintons, and, more specifically, The Bill Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

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Couched in the middle of the “peddling access” comment – which in and of itself is scandalous – Donald Jr. says that the Clinton Foundation is so screwed up that not even the organizations that rate charities want to look at it to rate it.  Going the foundation page on Charity Navigator, one of the most prominent websites rating non-profits, gives us this message:

Why isn’t this organization rated?

We had previously evaluated this organization, but have since determined that this charity’s atypical business model can not be accurately captured in our current rating methodology. Our removal of The Clinton Foundation from our site is neither a condemnation nor an endorsement of this charity. We reserve the right to reinstate a rating for The Clinton Foundation as soon as we identify a rating methodology that appropriately captures its business model.

What does it mean that this organization isn’t rated?

It simply means that the organization doesn’t meet our criteria. A lack of a rating does not indicate a positive or negative assessment by Charity Navigator.

That essentially means, in non-profit speak, that the Clinton Foundation doesn’t operate like one.  The business model doesn’t fit into the template for a charity.  (This could be an indication that Charity Navigator just doesn’t want to have to go on record as rating it poorly, but donors will get the drift.  The Clinton Foundation’s accounting practices are not…normal.)  But, wait, there’s more.  This message was a click down regarding why and when the Clinton Foundation was pulled off the Charity Navigator Watch List (no charity wants to land there):

In accordance with our policy for removing charities from the CN Watchlist, Charity Navigator removed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation from the Watchlist in December 2015 because the charity provided publicly accessible information regarding their amended tax Forms for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. This information, along with the public memorandum submitted addressing the other issues raised in the Watchlist entry, meets our requirements for removal.

Charity Navigator placed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation on the CN Watchlist because we became aware of the following information:

  • On February 19, 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton “was one of the most aggressive global cheerleaders for American companies, pushing governments to sign deals and change policies to the advantage of corporate giants such as General Electric Co., Exxon MobilCorp., Microsoft Corp. and Boeing Co.” The article goes on to state that “at the same time, those companies were among the many that gave to the Clinton family’s global foundation set up by her husband, former President Bill Clinton.” The article says that “at least 60 companies that lobbied the State Department during her tenure donated a total of more than $26 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of public and foundation disclosures.”
  • The article also states that “corporate donations to politically connected charities aren’t illegal so long as they aren’t in exchange for favors. There is no evidence of that with the Clinton Foundation. […] All of the companies mentioned in this article said their charitable donations had nothing to do with their lobbying agendas with Mrs. Clinton’s State Department.”

There is a lot more on the Archived Watchlist page, but what makes this particular nugget of information bombshellish is that no one other than the Trump people are paying attention to it.  We’re being entertained with other shiny red balls.  Within the context of the full Clinton Crime Syndicate reality, the Foundation always was a question, and has been considered more of a slush fund than a hedge fund, but Donald Jr., is right: donations may well be peddling influence, and if anyone else did this, they’d be in jail.

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