Soros Dirty Secrets: Leak Claims Refugees Galore “The New Normal”

Over the weekend DCLeaks announced the release of over 2,500 documents acquired from organizations bankrolled by George Soros, the Hungarian Billionaire known to bankrupt countries for personal gain.  (No one is asking just exactly how they got the information.)  As various interested parties have started pawing through the cache, a few specific memos and writings are standing out as confirmation of suspicions that Soros and his merry band of non-profit “think tanks” have been directing the disaster known as the “refugee crisis” from afar.

As it happens, not only have the non-profits been directing activity, the set up for the full scenario that became the refugee scene in Europe – and most likely the underage migrant disaster in the United States – was orchestrated by the Soros financed groups through a number of different avenues.  The document that explains how all of this occurred in high language loaded with jargon and euphemisms is a memo titled, “Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review” from Open Society Foundations – International Migration Initiative (IMI).

In the last two years, IMI spent over $8 million to develop immigration channels (read: refugee trails) on multiple continents with the intent of infiltrating developed nations after having laid the groundwork.

soros memo 1

In addition, with the underage migrants coming into the United States via the southern border and the mass migration from northern Africa into Europe that seems to be unstoppable, the memo itself tells of goals and ambitions with similar desired outcomes.

Soros memo 2

What appears to be the case, is that over the last six or seven years people with the various organizations that get Soros money (it trickles down from a number of different sources) have been busy setting things up with governments and government officials to by-pass laws and social concerns in developed nations in regards to migrants and refugees.  They want, to quote the document, to make the chaos of the last two years in Europe and the United States “the new normal.”

Of course, that is not all that is in this document or the other couple thousand, but it does explain why most governments, local, national, and international in scope, have done NOTHING to stop the flow of people moving around the globe.  Other than Soros’s native Hungary, of course.  The people in charge were conditioned for the “new normal.” No one asked the governed what we thought about it, though.

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