Dobbs – Trump’s Night And Day Contrast To Job-Killing Clinton


Lou Dobbs describes Donald Trump’s Monday economic speech in Detroit as being “laser-focused on his plans to boost the economy and our middle class. And he laid out the philosophical differences with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.”

He plays a clip in which Trump says, “It will present a night and day contrast to the job-killing, tax-raising, poverty-inducing Obama Clinton agenda.” Trump said, “The other party has reached backwards, into the past, to choose a nominee from yesterday who offers only the rhetoric of yesterday and the policies of yesterday. Just take a look at what happened to New York State manufacturing and take a look at her promises before this happened; a disaster.”

Dobbs says, “Trump took aim at Clinton’s promise to create 200K jobs in New York when she was in the Senate, from 2001 to 2009. But as the Washington Post reports, her efforts failed. The number of jobs in upstate New York virtually unchanged during that eight years as senator, while manufacturing jobs plummeted nearly 25%.”

“And some of her lesser economic initiatives,” Dobbs notes, “involved donors to her campaign and of course, the Clinton Foundation. Trump points out her claims to create millions of jobs if elected president don’t ring true in any way. Trump says he’ll cut business taxes to 15 percent. That will boost big and small businesses alike; a smart move. And he’s getting back to the message of boosting American workers, the middle class and our economy, taking aim squarely at Hillary Clinton.”

Dobbs observes that Trump was “Even touting Republican unity, saying he will work with House Republicans on taxes, and he backed up his words today by incorporating Congress’ higher rates into his proposal for three income tax brackets – 12, 25 and 33 percent.”

Dobbs adds, “This was a very good speech for Trump; a day that most of his supporters have been waiting for. Sharp and clear policy changes wrapped in an understandable message. Important to the new direction and prospects for the country if the voters do elect Donald Trump.”

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