Dobbs – Trump Is The Leader We Desperately Need


Lou Dobbs proclaims that Donald Trump “has almost single handedly led a shift in American presidential politics, a shift that is as profound as it is permanent.” He describes the years the American middle class has languished, “waiting for someone, anyone, to come along and take down the culture of corruption in Washington, to drain the rancid swamp that our nation’s capital has become.”

Dobbs notes that over time the inhabitants of that swamp have become a federally protected species, “with only one person having the guts to stand up and take on the vicious, selfish, greedy, powerful denizens of that swamp, who long ago took our government from the people and turned it over to the special interests, the wealthy, the partisans and of course, the Clinton cartel, amidst the foulest stench of all.”

Dobbs continues noting the Clinton cartel as “Producing by far the most corrupt, dishonest candidate, and in my opinion the most dangerous presidential nominee ever nominated by either party. She’s crooked alright, Trump says it straight out.”

Dobbs reflects on the achievements of the “Clinton cartel, backed by the corporate and union lobbyists, who’ve worked together to shift good paying jobs overseas and our middle class be damned, they say. He points to the titans of industry such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who prey upon the carcass of America with Donald Trump saying, “No more.”

Dobbs says, “Think about this, he is the only voice in American politics who is risking his fortune, his life, to speak truth to power. The left wing mainstream media fear him as they have no other person in politics or public life. The political left and their house organs, namely the Washington Post and the New York Times, savage Donald Trump daily. They insult him, they mock him, they attack his family, his wife, his children. All because he is the only one, the only one, who has chosen to give the tens of millions of Americans who’ve lost their jobs, their standard of living, and until Trump arrived all hope of ever having prosperity and strength restored to them, or our nation.”

He describes Mr. Trump as “the anti-politician, the anti-elite, the anti-establishment candidate Americans have been waiting for and now the question is will the American people stand up for the man who is risking all to make America great again.” He asks if the American people will show ourselves worthy of such leadership or deserving of the self-serving sellouts we have accepted over the years?

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