Dobbs – Trump Came Through On Platform


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on the upcoming Republican convention and the positions of Donald Trump which have been incorporated into the platform. Dobbs points out that now that he is the nominee, “Nearly everyone acknowledges that Trump outworked and outsmarted all of his Republican primary opponents.”

He says, “It’s clear that Trump brought fresh, new ideas to the campaign and managed to set the agenda for the entire election. The Republican Party platform now includes support for Trump’s plan to build a wall along our southern border with Mexico, a wall that is ‘sufficient to stop vehicular and pedestrian traffic.” He notes that is quite an upgrade from the Romney offering of four years ago which was another pledge to construct what has already been approved, ordered by Congress and ignored by the establishment.

Also part of the platform is a strong stance against illegal immigration, including a five year prison sentence for deported illegal aliens who are apprehended returning to the United States.


There is also a plank calling for special scrutiny for those granted visas from “regions associated with Islamic terrorism.”  All references to approving the TPP were removed, with calls for “better negotiated trade agreements that put America first” submitted in their place.

Mr. Dobbs notes that “Donald Trump, throughout the almost thirteen months of campaigning, has crafted not only the Republican agenda, but pushed to the forefront the issues that matter most to most Americans and voters of both parties.”

Dobbs adds, “He hasn’t tried once to stay safe, to stay well within the lines of consensus. Trump has had the courage to truly lead and now, on to the convention, where delegates will vote and make it official. Donald Trump to be recognized as the Party’s presidential nominee, celebrated as its leader, with one simple task before him; to win the election in November.”

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