Dobbs – States Sue Obama To Save Internet, Again Doing Congress’ Job For Them


The matter at issue is Thief-in-Chief Obama giving away our Internet. It belongs to Americans, not him or his globalist crony recipients, but crooks don’t worry about details such as those. Lou Dobbs takes note that once again it is the states who have been forced to challenge the enemy in the White House when the gutless, feckless Congress refuses to take action and actually represent the American people.

Mr. Dobbs reports that “Four states Attorneys General are now suing the Obama administration to stop the transfer of internet oversight, saying the move threatens online freedom of expression, enterprise and speech. The suit comes just days before the administration wants the United States to relinquish control of the Internet’s domain name system. That deadline is midnight, October 1st.”

Dobbs points out that “Congress failed to delay the transfer so now Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma and the State of Texas have stepped up to stop the move and to stop ‘president’ Obama. Of course states have often found themselves, in this administration, forced to take matters into their own hands because this administration has acted well beyond its powers and has failed to enforce federal laws as well, including, of course, immigration laws.”

Dobbs makes the point that “The State of Texas has filed more than forty lawsuits against the Obama administration, including in 2014 when 26 states sued the ‘president’ over his executive fiat to unilaterally keep illegal immigrants from being deported.”  Dobbs gives a brief rundown of some of the litigation that has been the only manner of keeping this outlaw regime in any form of restraints and it has largely been the duty of the states to do the job that Congress won’t.

As for stopping a ‘president’ from giving away what is not his to begin with, it’s unclear whether liberal courts will side with the anti-American impulses of a lame duck ‘president’ whose principal legacy has been one of confusion and indifference to traditional American interests.”

Mr. Dobbs says, “The Obama administration’s planned transfer of oversight of the Internet set to take effect three days from now, October 1st. However contemptible this administration’s record is on so much, the impotence and the acquiescence of our courts and Congress throughout the past seven and a half years is every bit as disappointing.

He adds, “And if ever, ever America needed new leadership it is now. And now courts will have to muster the courage and integrity to stop the giveaway of American responsibility and control of the Internet until at least our Congress and Senate have the opportunity to express the will of the American people, as a democratic republic ought. A novel concept in these waning days of the Obama reign.

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