Dobbs – Slithering Shape-Shifting Clinton Bought, Owned By Soros, Tech Billionaires


The wily Clinton shape-shifting drew the attention of Lou Dobbs as he notes how much she is trying to sound like Donald Trump these days. The reason that won’t work for her is a simple one of ownership, hers. Dobbs notes, “She’s been bought and paid for by the very establishment Donald Trump is running against.”

Dobbs says, “She wants you to forget she’s one of the principle architects of the status quo that is suffocating our middle class and the working people who aspire to be part of it. She’s the elitist, she’s the corporatist, he’s the populist. She’s the globalist, he’s the nationalist. She’s about globalism no matter how high, how severe the cost to America and Americans. Trump’s all about America and Americanism.”

“Look who loves her,” says Dobbs, “especially with their money. Clinton’s single biggest benefactor, the left-wing billionaire George Soros. He’s given millions to Clinton, pledged millions more. That’s not counting the millions he’s given to other left-wing groups as well, to help her win the presidency that he sees as important to his own influence.”

Dobbs explains that “Clinton’s biggest individual donors are hedge fund billionaires who have given $123 million dollars to Clinton.” He concedes that they’ve also given money to Donald Trump, $19,000, and compares the total sums and subsequent ownership. He notes that Trump has stated if he could find out who gave him the $19K he’d return it.

He also notes the slimy infestation of the tech billionaires, including Facebook co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz, who just pledge an additional $20 million to the corrupt Clinton. He also points out that Apple’s Tim Cook, Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, and Facebook’s despicable, wormy CEO Mark Zuckerberg are using their public companies’ resources to oppose and attack Donald Trump.

Mr. Dobbs points out that almost 2/3 of the financial support for Clinton comes from the rich she really works for and for whom she is always willing to play for pay. Big money accounts for only 15% of the funding in the Trump campaign.

Dobbs compliments the Clintons on the cash machine they created during her tenure as Secretary of State, describing it as “the biggest pay for play scam in American political history. He says, “So the question tonight is, how in the world can anyone who gives a damn about his country, who has any sense of decency, even think of returning the Clinton cartel to power in the White House? It is, in my humble opinion, utter madness. And frighteningly, it remains still possible.”

He says, “It’s time for everyone who does care about his country to do our part. We have sixty days until the election that will decide the future for generations of Americans.”

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