Dobbs – Republicans’ Responsibility To Pursue The Truth


Lou Dobbs comments on the ever-worsening email scandal of Hillary Clinton, noting that now Judicial Watch has turned up some very interesting correspondence. The April 2009 communications involved a Clinton Foundation official requesting government favors for one of their “clients” from the Hillary Clinton State Department.

Dobbs reports that “Clinton Foundation official, Doug Band, asked Clinton’s aides at the State Department to “take care” of an unnamed associate. Huma Abedin responded, ‘We have all had him on our radar. Personnel has been sending him options.’ Judicial Watch says those emails have not been previously turned over.”

Dobbs notes, “A separate exchange shows the Foundation asking for a controversial Lebanese-Nigerian businessman and top Clinton Foundation donor to be put in contact with department officials. All of this coming as State Department officials are trying to block a number of requests seeking President Clinton’s schedule. Producing only heavily redacted documents so far with the releases, according to the State Department, well they’re going to be stretched out until 2018, if you can imagine that being allowed under law.” Come on Lou, you know this government doesn’t operate under the rule of law.

Dobbs continues, “No wonder the Clintons resorted to a private email server system. Executed Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri was mentioned in emails on that very server. And the lawsuit brought by the families of two Benghazi victims also claiming Clinton ‘negligently and recklessly gave up the classified location of those victims because of the server.”

Mr. Dobbs adds, “All of this after Hillary Clinton had tripled down on her lies, lied about her lies, and ‘short-circuited.’ Clinton’s email scandal only worsens by the day it seems and Republicans now have a responsibility to get to the bottom of it all. And honor the public’s right to know all that has been hidden from them.”

Mr. Dobbs is asking a lot of this inept bunch of sellout cowards in Congress, to do the job we hired them to do. Nothing is likely to happen unless Donald Trump becomes president. They certainly won’t do it on their own.

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