Dobbs – Obama Ramming Thru Citizenships To Help Clinton Get Elected


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on the Clinton Obama political machine attempting to unduly influence the elections. He notes “It has become axiomatic that the Republican elites want open borders to provide cheap labor for their favored folks in corporate America and that Democrats want those open borders for a different reason, to bring in more voters for Democrat candidates.”

Dobbs says, “Today we know the latter part of the axiom has been proved true. An internal Obama administration email shows immigration officers being ordered by their superiors to rush through as many citizenship applications as possible before the presidential election.”

“The email was just disclosed to Fox News,” says Dobbs, “by Republican Senators Chuck Grassley (IA) and Ron Johnson (WI). Both are chairmen of committees with oversight of the Homeland Security Department.” Dobbs reads the message from the director of the Houston processing center, one of the largest in the nation.

It said, in part, “The field office, due to the election year, needs to process as many of their N-400 cases as possible between now and FY 2016.” After noting the date of July 21st for the email, Dobbs continues, “If you have cases in this category or other pending, you are encouraged to take advantage of the OT if you can. It’s the end of the year crunch time so let’s get crunchy.”

 Dobbs points to the low priority put on security and the high value placed on moving bodies in so they can potentially vote Democrat, saying, “At a time when the Department of Homeland ‘Security’ should be carefully vetting, reviewing citizenship applications, they’re actually ramming them through and pushing people out to the polls as fast as their little hands possibly can.” He notes the proven lousy track record of Homeland “Security” in processing cases under normal circumstances.

He reminds us of a report earlier this week in which a DHS Inspector General reported that the same DHS allowed almost 1,000 potential terrorists to become citizens rather than being deported. That number has since be discovered to be double the original reported amount.

Dobbs features a statement by James McKinney of DHS which states, “We adjudicate applications as well as educate and inform on the benefits of citizenship, irrespective of elections.” Dobbs adds, “Well, obviously except in election years when they want them to be voting as quickly as possible for whoever it is that has rushed their application through; in this case Democrats.”

Dobbs makes the point that none of this is by accident, it is by design and Obama is putting it directly in our faces.  He points out that “if it all sounds familiar it’s because it is. The Bill Clinton administration did exactly the same thing.”

Once a corrupt thieving Democrat abuser of power, always a corrupt thieving Democrat abuser of power.

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