Dobbs- Koch Bros Said Jump, Ryan Asked How High


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on the battle for the soul of the Republican Party, with the Koch Brothers now crawling out of their holes just as Harry Reid predicted they would and issuing marching orders to the various politicians they control. Dobbs notes that “when they and other donors beckon, the Republican Party seems to rush to please the Brothers Koch.”

Mr. Dobbs notes that “Trump declined their summons; however, in part I’m fairly certain because the Kochs have been less than respectful of Mr. Trump, who wants to tear asunder the very establishment they represent.”

Dobbs points out, “But Paul Ryan, he did genuflect and he did do as he was told by the Brothers Koch. Paul Ryan dutifully addressed the Koch donor network yesterday. The House Speaker told the donor class and the Kochs, of course, that Republicans are facing a “fight for the soul of our party,” adding that the party is “trying to restore ourselves as protectors of the market, and not of the business.”

Ryan apparently doesn’t grasp the obvious irony of the third most important person in government flying across the country to do his masters’ bidding.”Dobbs observes that “This is without question a struggle for the identity of the Republican Party but right now it looks as if the Speaker’s identity is quite clear. And his identity doesn’t reflect well upon him or the party.”

“The struggle Ryan referenced,” Dobbs says, “Is well under way. It’s why the GOP establishment attacks Trump with fury equal to that of the left. I believe Republicans will either be the party of the Kochs, Ryan, the Chamber of Commerce, multi-nationals, lobbyists and the globalist elites or it will be the party of the American middle class, entrepreneurs and small businesses, working men and women in this country.”

Dobbs points out what this country needs in order to be strong and sovereign again and it mirrors the Trump positions on a host of issues. He also notes how Obama and Ryan are aligned on immigration and TPP and how Ryan has now done a 180 on border security and actually has decided it’s good to keep invaders out. He’s figured out how to apply the principles of the fence surrounding his private estate to the rest of the country. He also points out that six Republicans withdrew their support for Obama’s illicit “trade deal” that continues the raping of America, one which Ryan personally ushered through the House.

“Donald Trump is leading the struggle for the Republican Party’s identity,” says Dobbs, “and more importantly, he’s leading the struggle for the very soul of our great constitutional republic.”

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