Dobbs – Governor McAuliffe Is Almost As Corrupt And Sleazy As Clinton

Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on the topic of the national liberal media ignoring the Clinton Cartel’s vast web of corruption in Washington DC. He notes, “Fortunately for all of us the Wall Street Journal is still in the news business and today we learned that top Clinton ally, Governor Terry McAuliffe, gave $467,000 in campaign contributions to the wife of an FBI official who was among those who began leading the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.”

“McAuliffe met with Dr. Jill McCabe,” Dobbs says, “in March 2015 to encourage her to run for the Virginia State Senate, the same month the Clinton email scandal emerged.” Dobbs describes it as “Purely coincidental, I’m sure, and I’m sure the Clintons have more coincidences in their lives than any hundred married couples anywhere in the world.”


“The lives and work of the Clintons and Governor McAuliffe,” says Dobbs, “have intersected throughout the last three decades. McAuliffe authored the infamous Lincoln Bedroom memo back in 1995. A straight tradeoff offering White House access to top donors. A quid pro quo scheme that raised a lot of money. Governor McAuliffe guaranteed the mortgage on the Clinton’s Chappaqua home. He did that back in 1999. He launched an electric car company, Green Tech before he was elected governor. The company was granted special access in securing visas by the federal government.”

Dobbs points out, “McAuliffe even received help from a firm run by Tony Rodham. That’s right, Hillary’s brother, who obtained foreign investors and visas. Of course the Governor himself is the subject of an FBI investigation now, over campaign contributions from a Chinese businessman who is a former delegate to China’s parliament and has permanent US resident status. How about that?”

“His name is Weng Wenliang,” says Dobbs, “He gave $120,000 to McAuliffe’s 2013 campaign and, oh yes, he didn’t forget about the Clinton Foundation, $2 million dollars to the Foundation. In fact, 120 Clinton Foundation donors also contributed more than $13 million dollars to Governor McAuliffe’s campaigns. There’s the Clinton Foundation again; purely coincidental, I acknowledge.”

Dobbs adds, “And it’s purely coincidental that Dr. Jill McCabe’s husband is now the number two man at the FBI, reporting to Director James Comey. Purely coincidence again.”

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