Dobbs Extirpates Paul Ryan For This Unforgivable Act!


Dobbs Extirpates Paul Ryan For This Unforgivable Act!

Since Donald Trump took the gloves off the liberal elites have opted to employ their own new strategy of naked betrayal. Dobbs notes the difficulty that the elites are having with Trump, now recognizing that he is truly a threat to their status quo cronyism to a much greater degree than they had earlier been willing to believe.

Noting that Trump made his fortune before entering into politics rather than as a result of it, and the threat that he presents, he’s “far too close for further laxity among the elites. They are taking him now seriously, so seriously they mean to seriously kill his candidacy outright. And that’s why Donald Trump is fighting an all but impossible to win war on three fronts.”


Dobbs describes how Speaker Paul Ryan, “Today chose to betray millions of Trump voters and supporters, abandon any common sense it seems he might possess, and turn his back on his party’s presidential nominee. Ryan telling House Republicans that he will not defend nor campaign with Trump, telling lawmakers to “do what’s best for you in your district.”

“Not only is Ryan’s behavior puerile and selfish, we’re getting kind of use to that, his intellect betrays him on the occasions that he does try to employ it.” Dobbs says, “He seems hellbound to destroy the Republican Party, Trump’s candidacy and now the majority in the House. Ryan appears to have absolutely no concept of the power of unity, his responsibility as Speaker, the institutional importance of his party and duty to the nation.”

“He is a laughing stock leader,” says Dobbs, “a small man dressed up in a big job, capable of only the dreariest clichés and the forlorn looks of earnest mediocrity to which he can seldom rise. At least forty Republicans in Congress have denounced Trump now. Oh, I’m sure Donald Trump tonight is shaken as they pull their support or ask him to step aside after his hot mic comments from eleven years ago.”

Dobbs describes the duplicitous politicians as being led by the treasonous Ryan from sure victories in the House, and likely the Senate and White House to possible defeat, sanctimony and cowardice. Their constituents, he says, “should be voting them out of office. And Ryan should no more be the Speaker of the House than Hillary Clinton should be president of the United States. And make no mistake, the futures of those two are intertwined.”

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