Dobbs – This Election Our Last Chance Against The Globalist New World Order


Lou Dobbs says “we’re getting down to the short strokes,” describing in his view “just what is at stake in this election, it’s now less than six weeks away.” He references the comments of Hussein Obama from earlier in the day in which he made a pitch for Hillary Clinton, warning of the tremendously significant issue at stake in this election.

Dobbs cited the usurper’s focus on, “Nothing, nothing less important than his legacy. Wow, that’s big stuff, huh?” Mr. Dobbs offered his views, saying, “In my opinion we’re just one election away from putting the left in charge of our government and our way of life for the next three or four decades at a bare minimum.”

“The left already controls influence in Washington, DC, the mainstream media, public sector unions, our universities, colleges, both administration and faculty and much of Wall Street and much of corporate America, particularly US multinationals.” He believes, that “if they do, for whatever sorry reason, prevail in this election, there would be no resistance, no countervailing influence remaining in our country to a left that would be utterly unfettered and uninhibited.”

Dobbs asserts, “I believe there is no more pathetic example than FBI Director James Comey. The FBI Director defended the agency’s finding in the Clinton email investigation, if you can call it an investigation. Comey appeared to acquiesce to every order received from the administration and the Clinton cartel on the email scandal.”

He says, “No one should be surprised at the greed, the guilt and grievances of the leftist agenda. This election is the last time to stop the neo-liberals of the new world order, the globalists. And the last time we’ll have to stop permanent state control of this nation’s media, economy, education and our way of life.”

Lou can’t overlook the Republican participation in the uniparty drive for HW Bush’s precious new world order either, or those of his sons and all of their sordid abuses of power, the manipulative use of our military to create business opportunities and distribute wealth and assign power in manners beneficial to their interests.

There are few things more despicable than shielding profiteering beneath a false mantle of patriotism as one works to subjugate our nation to a global order. There is, as we know, ample despicable conduct on all sides of the supposed political spectrum.

It is good, refreshing to hear that Mr. Dobbs is clued into what’s at play, who the real villains are and what their horrific plans are for our nation. Dobbs isn’t  going to go quietly along with the flow. He dared to say the words “New World Order.” That’s a very good thing for America’s patriots.

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