Dobbs – Corporate Status Quo Govt Versus Trump For The Survival Of America

Dobbs – Corporate Status Quo Govt Versus Trump For The Survival Of America

Lou Dobbs describes the current campaign as the dirtiest in memory and his memory goes back all the way to 1976. That was the year a misguided public voted Jimmy Carter into office. He represented a leader whose primary “qualification” was his “pure heart,” although he was an early member of the globalist Trilateral Commission. It was a well kept secret and they were virtually unknown. It’s difficult to describe Jimmy Carter by using the “L” word, better just to call him a president.

Against the backdrop of that election, Dobbs points out that more goes into the election of a president than reason and good sense in the support of our national interest. Now with 26 days remaining until the election Dobbs describes the unusual clarity about the candidates in this election, more so than in any other contest he recalls.


Dobbs says, “The left wing national media, owned lock, stock and barrel by corporatists and all sorts of establishment elites, have decided in this election at least, to this point, nothing so much needs protection as their own moneyed interests and the stagnant swamp to which most Americans are consigned. That swamp of course our society and our economy. That swamp generally referred to as the status quo because the elites think that sounds a heck of a lot better than ‘stagnant swamp.'”

“But one candidate has managed to set himself apart,” says Dobbs, “running against the status quo, against the establishment, trying to drain that swamp and run the elites out of town. Trump had the courage to take on the establishment, the elites of both parties, the national media and fight like hell for the middle class working men and women and their families.”

Dobbs says, “He is not only ringed by his powerful adversaries now in the final month of this contest but he has been betrayed by his miserable allies, the leaders of the Republican Party. This is a battle that can still be won by the American people and no one else.”

Dobbs adds, “And if this republic is lost, we will have ourselves only to blame.”

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